Plastic surgery, mastopexy and medical translation


Plastic surgery, mastopexy and medical translation

09 Aug Plastic surgery, mastopexy and medical translation

Plastic surgery is a field of healthcare that is not always included in the heathcare system, however people not only want to have better health, but also look better or look as they want to look. Therefore plastic surgery represents a huge market worldwide and even in the cases when it is not related to accidents or sickness, medical translation applies to medical documents, procedures and medical devices used in this sector.

One of the most extended types of plastic surgeries is the breast lift surgery or mastopexy. Why? The reason is that after pregnancy and lactation, or simply with age, the natural breast may get flaccid. The reasons are diverse, changes in size, distension of the skin, the aging process or distension of the tissues, among others. Mastopexy does not require any type of prosthesis. The operation consists on the repositioning of the mammary gland and eliminating the excess of skin.


People not only want to be healthier, but also to look better


Extended plastic surgeries and medicine translation services

However, sometimes patients may want to take advantage of the breast lift operation to also give volume. In this case, the choice of prostheses must take into account that they are added to the mammary gland itself. The intervention is performed under general anesthesia, in hospitals or clinics and it usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours.

Aesthetic surgery related innovations have a world-wide audience.  Each new pharmaceutical product, new medical product or new innovation in this discipline has a very profitable global market. In this sense, products and services require medicine translations as regards, user’s manuals, packaging, labels, instructions for use, regulatory documents, service manuals or marketing materials. Or even medical devices, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, when applicable.

Plastic or aesthetic surgery, also need an expert translation service experienced with medical technical information that can be an invaluable resource both for the plastic or easthetic industry, preparing a product for the world marketplace and for the clinic, providing translation to expand patient’s nationalities.

Mastopexy is not complicated operations, nor painful; although, as in any postoperative, patients will feel discomfort that may last a few weeks. Results are usually good, rejuvenating the breast and neckline, which usually affects the improvement of the patient’s self-esteem. They can be clearly noticed in 2 to 4 months. Scars improve, becoming less visible, within a year or year and a half, but it should be clear that it is not possible to have an operation without leaving scars. They are usually located around the areola, vertically, in a “T” form.

The most common prostheses due to their natural result are the round ones with medium projection, but beauty is subjective and each one has his or her taste. But in case of volume increase, although the prosthesis does not have an expiration date, its estimated duration ranges between 15 and 25 years.



What happens with the postoperative period?

Translations should be reviewed by professionals with experience in the industry to obtain highly accurate. However, the fact that clients visit the translation agency’s physical facilities or contact it online or by any other way of communication, does not affect the results.  Medical translation online services, like Okomeds, can nevertheless make clients’ life easier, as our staff will provide you a free quote and answer any questions the client might have in a very reasonable time.

Discomfort is usually higher if a mastopexy with a prosthesis is performed. In any case, the pain usually does not exceed 2 to 5 days and work reincorporation usually can take place after that period. A follow up after approximately two weeks is needed. And currying weight should be avoided at least, for a month.

The world of aesthetic medicine has its own paramount value. It is not easy to prepare medical reports, treat the patients, handle the instruments and prescribe medicines at the same time. These are slight things that are very important and come with great liability, as they can affect the patient’s health. Pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies, which supply medicines and make the machines and instruments required by aesthetic doctors,  are also a part of the wide medical field and are in need of medicine translation services.

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