Sport injuries and Medicine translation


Sport injuries and Medicine translation

03 Aug Sport injuries and Medicine translation

Healthcare is incessantly been developed at high speed. Innovations are provided to the patients throughout the earth. Sport injuries do also benefit of these improvements and translation services, either online u offline, also expand and allow the patients to have a clear idea of medicines, treatments, results or reports, among others, in their mother tongue.

Although sport injuries are mainly related to sport people, who are a minority, the need of medical translation is high as sport people tend to go to foreign countries when this means an opportunity to enhance their sport skill. Sport carriers are normally short compared to the rest of carriers. However, the possibility of sport injuries is not limited to athletes, as any person that practices any sport can eventually suffer them.


Medical translation agencies can be the perfect medium for translating the medical documents and records to the patients


An example, the patellofemoral stress syndrome

In this sense, he have picked a quite common type of sport injuries for the sake of this article, the patellofemoral stress syndrome, also known as runner’s knee,  which is a condition characterized by the inflammation of the cartilage situated at back of the kneecap.
This syndrome can have various causes, such as excessive sports or patella alignment problems. In most cases, a change in the habitual activities of the patient is usually enough to improve.

Other treatments include the use of drugs to reduce pain or inflammation (naproxen, ibuprofen) or the practice of therapeutic exercises, which can also relieve the pain. In some cases, however, surgical treatment is required. The pain occurs when the nerves detect the rubbing or other irregularity in the soft tissues, or the bone around the patella.

The basic objective of medical translation services is to create a proper communication channel so that the patient and their family can understand medical processes and services provided by medical facilities. For example, the runner’s knee injury can also be a consequence of the degradation or softening of the cartilage, where there are no nerves, so the pain is perceived in the nearby areas, where there are. This is called chondromalacia patella.

It can also be a simple consequence of activity. In case of inadequate training techniques, vigorous activity, variations in floor surfaces, sudden changes in physical activity, both in frequency and intensity or variations in footwear. If the pain is caused by a misalignment of the patella in the trochlear groove, which causes the movement to one side rather than back, the pain is usually motivated by irritation or inflammation of the soft tissues.



Symptoms of sport injuries and medicine translation

In order to facilitate communication between patients, families, doctors and other medical personnel, documents like test results, medical reports, medication lists, patient records, discharge instructions and service agreements can be translated into any language. Medical translation agencies can be the perfect medium for translating the medical documents and records to the patients.

As regards the symptoms of the so-called runner’s knee sport injuries, the patient can suffer mild pains in the front of the knee, which usually increase gradually, on one or both knees. Usually noticed during exercise, when flexing or stretch the knee, or after spending a lot of time sitting with bent knees, other symptoms include characteristic clicks or noises when stretching the leg.

Website translation services and medical report translation enable medical facilities to ensure that the patients can interpret the actual meaning of the reports and documents. Service being provided by an efficient team of medicine translation professionals so that translations related to sport injuries are impeccable from all possible viewpoints. Eminent professionals are able to use simple language to describe the facts.

If the pain persists in the runner’s knee type of sport injuries, it will be necessary to go to the doctor for an evaluation. Some exercises that can serve to change the activity are swimming or cycling. Sometimes, losing weight can also be useful in relieve pain. Most of the treatments performed are non-surgical, and include physical therapy exercises, especially strengthening the quadriceps, the muscles that stabilize the patella.

The first type of treatment usually performed in this type of sport injuries consists on  compression and elevation, ice and rest. Orthopedic shoes or insoles may be convenient. Surgical treatments are rarely used, including tibial tubercle transfer or arthroscopy. Anyway, medicine translation services will ensure that patients get their medical documents or any related information translated into their language of choice. Agencies also provide website translation services and website localization services so that any patient can interpret medical documents’ meaning.

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