Medicine translation and new physiotherapy treatments


Medicine translation and new physiotherapy treatments

16 Aug Medicine translation and new physiotherapy treatments

Medical translation services are not just about the medical data, a lot more information in the field requires medical translation. In this sense, updates on physiotherapy treatments and the techniques and devices used thereon might need medicine translation too. Complicated documents, when it comes to medication and medicine, one can never risk meaning changes.

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT)

Based on lithotripsy systems, the extracorporeal shock wave therapy constitutes a treatment of recent appearance. It has advantages when tissues restructuring of tissues is needed, and no surgical intervention is required. Among other consequences, this treatment accelerates the production of collagen, necessary for the reconstruction of any type of tissues, the formation of new blood vessels, the cure of chronic inflammations and the dispersion of the “P” substance.

The therapy consists of the application of high-speed sound waves (between one and four waves per second). This is achieved through a head that prevents dispersion and focuses the waves through a gel, or transparent liquid, which is placed exactly above the place to be treated, once located by palpation.

Shock waver produce tissue damages that favor tissue reconstruction. In order to use the devices properly, medical translation services should be trusted, due to specialization, guaranteed quality, quickest deliveries and reasonable prices. As medical industry in general, physiotherapy industry has also witnessed the pinch of globalization, therefore professional assistance by medical translator is also on the move in this area.

The depth the waves can reach differs between radial and focal waves, as the former reach up to five centimeters inside the treated area and focal waves, reach up to 12 cm. as a consequence, focal waves produce more pain, and sometimes, anesthesia is needed. However tissue reconstruction is not the only case in which extracorporeal shock wave therapy can be used. It can also be applied to dissolute calcifications (as in the case of a calcaneal spur or osteoarthritis), avoiding the need to be removed by surgery.


The extracorporeal shock wave therapy constitutes a treatment of recent appearance that avoids surgical intervention


Partnership between medical device manufacturers and medicine translation services

Medical translations can be provided in electronic format as well as in printed versions. As per the restorative report interpretation, the language services sector has been through a rapid consolidation since 2016, which implies that on top of specialized services per sector, many translation service providers are operating across multiple industries. In this case an independent quality system can be a great advantage.

Staying up-to-date and tracking the latest developments affecting medical devices related to physiotherapy treatments and translation regulations in the different in countries in the world can become a full time job. Therefore, a partnership between medical device manufacturers and medicine translation services is essential in order to ensure regulatory compliant medicine device translations, especially when the objective is to gain approval from regulatory agencies overseas.

The partnership is also productive further on, when marketing medical physiotherapy treatment devices to the general public starting with foreign medical institutions. For example, device labeling and packaging requirements are different inter-regions, ranging from the size of the text to the text localization in the package, or other more substantive rules.



Application and efficiency of ESWT in physiotherapy

Shock waves are effective in physiotherapy in 90% of cases and it cures in less time than surgical intervention. Therefore, only in 10% it is necessary to use other types of therapies. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy produces destruction at cell and tissue level, which, after an inflammatory response, leads to a reconstruction with which chronic pain problems usually disappear.

Sessions must be spread over time. In particular, it is important to give the tissues the necessary time to give a restorative response. This type of treatment is very effective with all kinds of lumbago or the shoulders, among others. It is also effective in case of fractures or tendonitis, as in the case of sprains or strains.

The therapy is increasingly present in clinics and physical therapy centers and only 20% of patients with chronic pain problems without results with other treatments, do not get the expected results with it. In general, between 3 and 5 sessions are applied, leaving between 3 and 10 days in between, depending on the type of problem.

To adequately apply the extracorporeal shock wave therapy medical device manufacture, or even any clinic must obtain some form of documentation certifying that the medical device fulfills the national technical and legal requirements, that must be translated into the official languages of each country. In the same sense any clinic need to translate the user’s manual or other instruction documents or even certify that medicine translations and labeling are accurate.

Medicine translation services can help prepare for any regulatory hurdles. Therefore do not forget the any business can steered away with the assistance of knowledgeable regulatory specialists that avoid any time-consuming errors, thus expediting a medical device or product entry into a local market.


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