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If you work in a hospital or clinic, the term ‘medical transcription’ will certainly not be new to you and it is more than likely that you have at some point needed the services of a medical transcriptionist. This is one of the most common medical translation services.


It may also be the case that your work has meant that you need a medical transcriptionist right now. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, at our medical translation agency, we take care of everything.

What are medical transcriptions?

Medical transcription is the way a physician communicates clearly with other healthcare providers, advising them of a patient’s health status and treatment and ensuring continuity of care.


After a healthcare professional performs a procedure on a patient, he or she will use a voice recording device to record information about the patient encounter. Some physicians use voice recognition software. Most health care professionals make regular use of such software and can even set it up to recognise their own speech pattern.


Where does medical transcription online fit in? It is precisely the medical records transcriptionist who will transcribe this confidential patient information, using formats specific to the doctor’s speciality. This is done using a cassette player with foot controls operated by the medical transcriptionist for playback and transcription.


The process is simple, it is a kind of dictation that will be manipulated by the transcriptionist. The dictation is converted into a written document or an electronic format. The reports can be kept in their electronic format, or printed out and placed in the patient’s file.


In addition, each transcribed record is merged and becomes part of the patient’s medical record or medical history. However, there are still some private GPs who choose not to use a medical transcriptionist, preferring to keep their patients’ records in a handwritten format. However, this is not very common nowadays, as medical transcripts are very useful due to the large amount of documents that hospitals and medical centres have to store, which is why they prefer to do so in digital formats.


Benefits of medical transcription

Due to the high volume of patients and paperwork, hospitals often prefer electronic storage of their medical records. This gives other departments or providers immediate access to patient care and shows certain details, such as past or present medications and any allergy alerts. Establishing the patient’s history facilitates the performance of medical care, and medical transcriptionists play an important role in this process. It is important to note that a written report has become a requirement for documentation of a medical bill or an application for workers’ compensation insurance benefits.


The need to reach different markets may require complex multilingual medical transcription work and voice-overs in different languages that break down linguistic and cultural barriers.


At our medical transcription company, we have a team of native medical record transcriptionists dedicated to transcribing sound files quickly and accurately into the language you need. Furthermore, with the guarantee of the Okodia Group, we work with the same quality standards and exclusive procedures as for medical translation, localisation of medical devices and medical transcription.

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