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Communication between doctor and patient is decisive for a good diagnosis and for complying with the instructions given by the doctor. But this is not guaranteed when dealing with immigrants with little knowledge of the Spanish vocabulary.


Software has become an essential part of the medical field. Companies, hospitals and private individuals all manufacture or use medical devices that run on software with associated medical aids and documentation. Thanks to software, medical staff can access patient information, medication information and documentation that is essential for their work. This is why the translation and localisation of medical software has become essential for the sector.

Okomeds brings together a proven track record in medical translation and localisation to offer you the localisation of your medical device software in the required format, providing a professional and flexible service through our use of text extraction and integration tools that will reduce your costs and improve quality.

Do I need medical software translation?

If you’re wondering whether you need medical software translation and localisation, the answer is undoubtedly yes. I’m sure the hospital or clinic you work in uses a wide variety of medical devices. Do they come translated into a language you can all understand without making a mistake?


If the answer is no, it’s time to get to work. Similarly, if you are developing medical software, it’s time to make it easier for your customers to understand. And there’s no better way to do this than through professional translation.


Greater Medical localization efficiency

In recent years, the number of companies involved in healthcare has increased exponentially. This, together with digitalisation, has meant that the budget associated with medical technology has increased by leaps and bounds. Web applications, cybersecurity, cloud computing… All this technology is aimed at making healthcare more efficient on a national level. And once this has been achieved, the next step is to export that knowledge abroad.


A big part of creating and shaping better healthcare networks, as well as greater transparency, efficiency and better access to healthcare professionals, is the localisation of healthcare software.


Regardless of whether consumers and patients use healthcare technology at home or in a more controlled environment such as a clinic or hospital, for example, the translation and localisation of medical software is the way a company can ensure that its product is handled accurately.


Okomeds for medical software translation

Medical translation is incredibly complex and not something that is normally handled in-house, especially when time is of the essence. Ideally, this is a problem you can manage proactively by finding a medical translation agency like Okomeds to handle the translation you need. The best medical software translation and localisation will offer:


  • Consistency: a terminology database is a vital part of any medical software, as are translation memories and other language resources. The termbase or glossary will contain commonly used phrases in the language in question that support your organisation’s purpose, and this can also help you grow professionally as those terms change. Terminology management tools ensure consistency across many different locations and languages.
  • Accuracy: Medical software translations must reflect the original document exactly when it comes to regulatory restrictions. Translators handling requests from medical professionals need medical expertise to understand and adjust content for different markets.
  • Speed: Large volumes of information will be required with very short deadlines to reach new medical markets. Missed deadlines can mean years of delay, so turnaround time must be fast. And that’s something medical translation agencies like Okomeds can provide.
  • Diversity: while many translation software solutions may offer the major languages, not all will give you access to the minority and regional dialects you’ll need to cover your bases. Good software will offer an endless list of translation options to ensure you don’t have to look for an alternative translator for less common languages. Trust our medical translation professionals and you’ll get a job done with care and of the highest quality.

Working languages

English – French – Spanish – Italian – Portuguese – Catalan – German – Dutch – Estonian – Lithuanian – Latvian – Irish – Japanese – Russian – Polish – Arabic – Chinese – Slovak – Slovenian – Czech – Croatian – Romanian – Hungarian – Turkish – Hebrew – Greek – Maltese – Serbian – Ukrainian – Belarusian – Bulgarian – Euskera – Galician – Latin – Esperanto – Danish – Swedish – Norwegian – Icelandic – Finnish – Persian – Urdu – Thai – Guarani – Quechua – Aymara

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