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iolanda traductor medico
“This job forces you to acquire new knowledge all the time”

Today, we are interviewing Iolanda, an Okomeds medical translator who is giving us some insights about her job. 1.What is the most difficult problem that you have ever met in a medical translation? I recently translated a very detailed document about computed tomography techniques and it was quite hard,...

diabetes kit
Getting diabetes misdiagnosed

Nearly 40% of adults with type 1 diabetes were misdiagnosed with type 2 says research done by the University of Exeter. It is key to provide efficient translation services to patients when being diagnosed. This prevents misdiagnosis and ensures they get the right treatment including insulin or...

Winter medicine news and medical translation
Winter healthcare news and medical translation

As patients more and more want to be active participants in information exchange and decision-making processes concerning their health, and technology is rapidly advancing, integrating big achievements in other fileds to the healthcare sector, data collected via personal monitoring devices will be growing. It can be...

The present and the future of cancer patients care
The present and the future of cancer patients care

The number of researchers and resources devoted to oncological research and the possibility to use new technologies, make us feel optimistic for a future cure. Meanwhile, oncological care is experimenting notable changes. For example in Spain, Oncological Functional Units have been created in order to...

medical innovation and translation news
Medical Innovation and translation news by OKOMEDS

Early diagnosis is the best cancer prevention                                         Amadix, a Spanish startup located in Valladolid and winner of the Madrid South Summit, aims to provide diagnostic tools...

Healthcare robots and document translation priorities
Healthcare robots and document translation priorities

Translation of medical documents must always follow certain criteria to search compliance with current laws. However, there are medical materials or guidelines that are needed due to governmental mandates and others that are linked to the institutions particular needs. To satisfy those needs also come robotics...

Health Chatbox and Medical interpreters
Health Chatbox and Medical interpreters

It is a fact that interpreters are some of the first people called on to perform written translation and/or sight translation whether or not they have the skills to do this. Healthcare has seen smart algorithm-powered, text or voice-based interfaces multiply in the last years. That is why we can...

Learning about high blood pressure with medical translators
Learning about high blood pressure with medical translators

Any translator cannot afford to mix up terms. It could be a matter of life and death, as when we are talking about high blood pressure. Unlike other fields of translation, medical translation can be very challenging, requiring more advanced skills due to the need...

Medical translators keeping up with pharma and Alzheimer news
Medical translators keeping up with pharma and Alzheimer news

The quantity of information in this field is huge and opinions diverge. However, it is clear that while there is no cure for Alzheimer at this stage, medications can temporarily slow down the progression of symptoms such as, anxiety, sleep interference, depression, aggression and delusions...

Translating medical documents. Urine infection, example
A start in medical translation: specialization and improvement

Medical translation can be a profitable niche, but its rigor and strict checking can be demanding. A poor translation might be extremely costly, not only for the customer but also for the translator. Specialization is a must, as medical translation is very broad and complex....