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18 Sep Sport, health, and translation

September is a month in which many people decide to do sport and eat better for different reasons: health, fitness, feeling better with one’s self, feeling more handsome or beautiful… Whatever reason is yours, you should notice that translation is a very present factor in these areas. Maybe not very visible but – undoubtedly – really important. Here are some examples connecting sport and health to the communication of languages.

Sport, health and translation are connected

Personal trainer

Do you need a professional for helping you fit? A personal trainer is the key because is someone with a fitness and nutritional background that will accompany you at any sport moment; with recommendations and suggestions too. He/she will provide you with papers and files of physical exercises and – statistically – many of them are written in English; so if you do not speak English, you can ask for a translation. Or are you new in a foreign country and looking for a personal trainer? Don’t worry, a health and sport translator/interpreter can be an added service too.



You can eat better with a good and healthy nutrition. September is a month in which nutrition clinics have a greater impact. Many diets have been translated from another languages and – if you are a non-native speaker or are planning to travel abroad – you will not worry about language because all the information can be translated and/or interpreted. Communication is eased.


Sport technology

Watches, GPS trackers, chronometers… all sport technology requires a translation. At least for instruction manual but, if you are lucky, also for the item. Translation is very present in this area. Besides, all the sport material have been required a translation too: trainers, balls, shorts, t-shirts, poles… Due to exportation, international markets and custom purposes, a translation is needed for easing communication.


As you may see, the world of sport and health is closely linked to translation. So, thank translation for all the possibilities it can offer you.

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