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If you work in the world of health and medicine, you will certainly like to have a quality website. The translation of medical websites is just what you need.


Translate your medical website with Okomeds

Thanks to our professional medical website translation service, at Okomeds medical translation agency we help you with the translation of medical help files and associated medical manuals, as well as the translation of medical websites.



At Okomeds, thanks to the quality assurance offered by the Okodia translation group, we are aware that every step in the process of creating a website must be equally important; from the initial conception to the choice of images or the writing of content in the original language and its subsequent translation. That is why we work on every job as if it were our own.

Reasons for using medical website translation

Is your company looking to expand into the global healthcare market? If so, the need to communicate effectively with international clients, partners and patients is essential. This is where our medical website translation service comes in.


Medical translation involves translating various types of documents such as patient reports, drug data sheets, autopsy reports, patient information, etc…


Translating your medical website into the languages your patients speak can benefit you in many ways. Let’s understand this in detail.


  1. Increased productivity  

Your medical website will be the first thing your customers or patients will visit in search of clear medical information. Therefore, it must be translated accurately. The website, if translated correctly, can reduce the amount of time medical staff spend on this type of task and allow them to focus more on other, more important tasks.


A medical translation agency can be beneficial in this case. It will provide you with translation and interpreting services for the healthcare industry. With the help of these services, you will be able to better serve your patients in different languages.


  1. Helps to acquire new patients

Studies show that 75% of users “prefer to buy products in their native language”. Translation becomes essential in such a scenario. Thanks to website translation services you will find it easy to attract new patients, as medical content will be available in several languages.


  1. Better patient health outcomes

Medical translation can help to improve patient health outcomes. Patients with limited proficiency in English or any language other than their native language will be able to understand medical information clearly when it is available in their native language. Accurate translations of a healthcare website ensure better results.


One of the most important aspects of healthcare is communication. Your patients need to fully understand what you want to convey to them. So if a healthcare website is written in English and English is not their first language, it creates a barrier to understanding.


At Okomeds we help you make sure that doesn’t happen. We have native medical translators in many different languages to help you achieve your communication goals. Contact us and will do our best with your medical website!

Customized Solution

Our service of website translation for the medical sector includes:

– Translation, localization and compiling medical help files.

– Translation and localization of your web page with office hours available 24/7 around the world.

– Linguistic and operational testing to ensure optimal quality of the end product.

Working languages

English – French – Spanish – Italian – Portuguese – Catalan – German – Dutch – Estonian – Lithuanian – Latvian – Irish – Japanese – Russian – Polish – Arabic – Chinese – Slovak – Slovenian – Czech – Croatian – Romanian – Hungarian – Turkish – Hebrew – Greek – Maltese – Serbian – Ukrainian – Belarusian – Bulgarian – Euskera – Galician – Latin – Esperanto – Danish – Swedish – Norwegian – Icelandic – Finnish – Persian – Urdu – Thai – Guarani – Quechua – Aymara

We already make website translations for the medical sector for the best-known medical and pharma companies. What are you waiting for?

Efficient localization and translation are synonymous with Okomeds. Ask us now about a free quote!

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