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Any type of clinical trial translation must be accurate. However, if there is one type of work in this field that needs to be 100% accurate, it is translations for CROs. In clinical jargon we refer to CRO translations when it comes to language work done for Contract Research Organisations. The acronym CRO stands for Contract Research Organisation.


Given the importance of this type of text, a medical scientific translator or a medical document translation is responsible for their translation, as these professionals handle the technical language used in research projects of this type.

Medical document translation

Scientific articles are the result of hours and hours of research. For this reason, when translating a scientific article, it is essential to have a specialist in communication who can effectively convey the content of the article and the requirements of the institution or journal where it is to be published.


CROs are conducting clinical trials around the world on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. While this increases the pool of patients and the opportunity to obtain data from diverse ethnic backgrounds at reduced cost, there is an accentuated need for accuracy in communication. This relates not only to medical terminology translation, but also to the disease concepts, side effects and outcomes that are discussed.


A large part of the communication in the clinical trial process takes place between physicians and patients. Depending on the study site and the literacy level of the patients, patient-oriented materials must be translated to match their reading levels, and the cultural component is equally important.


In addition to that, the implementation of quality systems and control in all tasks related to clinical research in the different local markets needs accurate and high quality translations that will end with the approval of the Sponsor and the different bodies such as Ethics Committees, Health Agencies, etc. This is why the role of the medical text translator, medical paper translator or clinical trial translator is of paramount importance for quality work.


Types of translation for CRO


What types of translation for CROs are you likely to need? We are prepared for all of them. CRO translations include translations of clinical trial protocols, informed consents, financial reports, research questionnaires and quality of life.


On the other hand, you may require translations of data management, laboratory analysis, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment or in-vitro diagnostics.


There are also occasions when professional medical translations are needed to support the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and biomedical industries, foundations, research institutes, universities and governmental organisations.


For all of these you will need medical translators who are prepared to face different challenges and who have a thorough knowledge of the local market and its specific regulations.

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