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Pharmaceutical Translations

The pharmaceutical industry has been on a global upswing for several years in a row. The production of medicines does not stop, on the contrary. The advance of hitherto unknown diseases has made it increasingly necessary to have the right pharmacological tools to treat new diseases. It is in this area that pharmaceutical translations become more necessary than ever.


Operating on a global scale, the pharmaceutical industry has to provide translated materials to various language markets. Whether you are focusing on regulatory submissions, patient information leaflets or packaging labels, if the information in them is not translated with absolute accuracy, problems can occur with irreversible consequences.

Okomeds is your medical and pharmaceutical translation agency. We have more than twenty years of experience in medical and pharmaceutical translation, as well as highly technical documents such as case report forms, clinical study protocols, synopses, patents and patent applications, packaging and labelling or pharmacological research documentation, among others.

The pharmaceutical translations you need


Pharmaceutical companies looking to extend the reach of their treatment beyond national borders often encounter complications when registering their drugs in foreign markets, regulated by strict regulatory bodies or government agencies. At Okomeds, we have handled multiple pharmaceutical translation projects and have helped our clients meet all the requirements necessary to successfully complete their work.


Accurate and professional pharmaceutical translation services are essential when registering pharmaceutical products abroad. It is also essential to work with a pharmaceutical translation partner who can cover all the languages you need within the required deadlines. Patient information leaflets, product labelling, legal contracts need to be adapted to the language requirements of different territories to meet regulatory standards and extend the reach of your products.


There can be huge implications if a pharma translation is inaccurate, so there is simply no room for ambiguity or errors. Our pharmaceutical translators employ rigorous terminology control measures to produce accurate, high quality pharmaceutical translation services that you can trust and that will allow you to take advantage of international opportunities. Join leading global pharmaceutical corporations in trusting us to protect your brand on an international scale.

Our Specialties

Biopharmacy – Biophysics – Molecular Biology – Clinical Biochemistry – Dermopharmacy – Clinical Pharmacy – Pharmacotherapy – Drug Formulation – Hematology – Immunology – Microbiology – Nutrition and Dietetics – Orthopaedics – Parasitology – Pharmaceutical Chemistry – Toxicology

Quality Pharma Translations

One of the main concerns in the pharmaceutical industry is to have the best professionals to carry out accurate translation work. For more than 15 years we have been providing high quality translation projects in the medical sector, as well as in other related sectors, such as the pharmaceutical sector.


At Okomeds we have native translators who specialise in medicine. These are some of the characteristics that make us one of the best specialised translation agencies in Spain and one of the fastest growing in recent years, both in terms of commitment and in terms of quality and agility:


But that’s not all, because what makes us stand out in the field of pharmaceutical translations are our strict quality standards. We have a 3-step proofreading and quality control system for your peace of mind. If required, we can also provide you with translation certificates tailored to your needs.


Similarly, we usually work on the creation of general terminology glossaries and specific terminology glossaries for specialised translations for each client, according to their requirements, in order to guarantee the consistency of all their texts, in all the languages they need, as well as their own style guide.


We are used to handling large volumes of translations, adapting to the deadlines indicated by the client with the utmost punctuality. To date, we have always delivered all jobs accurately and on time.

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