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Why localisation matters in medicine
You may have heard of the term localisation in medicine or medical localisation. It is one of the most demanded specialties in the world of translation. Today we want to tell you why medical localisation is important.
What makes the perfect medical translator?
One of the most specialised translation jobs is medical translation. In order to perform it, it’s essential to hire the services of a professional medical translator, but sometimes they are hard to find. So where can you find the perfect medical translator for your projects? You can find the most suitable professionals for the job in a medical translation agency like Okomeds.
The latest medical news

In the world of medical translation, everyone likes to keep well informed. In fact, it is essential to know the latest advances and news in the medical field. Let us tell you what the hot news in the sector is. 1. Are we ready for...

How to improve access to healthcare by using a medical interpreter

The work of a medical interpreter is more necessary today than ever before. Language and cultural barriers are often an impediment to accessing healthcare. Thousands of people today have difficulty seeing a doctor. The problem is mainly one of understanding. The situation becomes more complicated when...

Medical translation specialties you should know about

Translation is to medicine what medicine is to a patient: essential. Nowadays, many hospitals, medical centres and research centres entrust their work to professional translators. Did you know that there are also several specialties in medical translation? Read on and find out more about them! Medical...

Translation helps vets stand out from the competition

In a highly competitive work environment, veterinary professionals need to be able to differentiate themselves from the rest. That’s why professional translation is essential. From a professional point of view, there are several reasons why veterinary translation is crucial: To keep up to date with the latest...

What is pharmaceutical translation?

Medicine and pharmacy are two very important branches of science in the history of mankind and need a high degree of specialisation, as many lives depend on them. That much we can all agree on. The same is true for pharmaceutical translation. In a globalised...

What aspects should be considered when hiring a medical translator?
Although many people think that translations can be done by any bilingual person, the truth is that this is a profession that requires certain linguistic skills and abilities, as it is a task that combines creation, intuition and reason to give the best twist to the words and ideas of an author when translating them into a new language.
Medical translation, why you shouldn’t trust Google
Spain is not noted for its expertise in languages, particularly English. It is true that more and more young people are turning to apps to learn other languages and perfect the ones they study at school. It is also true that the reality of online translators helps to solve the most basic translation needs.