medical translator
09 Aug
The ideal medical translator’s CV

Are you a medical translator desperately looking for a job? If you are a professional - either with or without experience - you can find new medical translation projects. The key is how focusing your CV and...

medical translator
29 Jul
How to make a medical translator angry

A medical translator does a great job for society, but there are some typical sentences that he/she does not like. Medical translators are nice people, but they dislike their work to be underestimated. Here are some phrases...

medical translation in summer camps
14 Jul
Medical translation in summertime

Summer is coming, and medical translation also takes an important role during summertime. Don't you think so? It is said that during this time of the year, companies stop many of their projects due to the holidays...

medical translation
29 Jun
The best of medical translation

This is a special article as it is the 100th post written at the Okomeds blog. If you have read many of the previous publications, we will like to ask you a short question: what have you...

pharmaceutical industry
22 Jun
5 side effects of the pharmaceutical industry in Spain

The pharmaceutical industry in Spain is making profits. But there are also some side effects related to health and economy that do not help society. Okomeds lists 5 side effects of pharmaceutical industry due to the current...

Medical translators' unutterable manias
05 Jun
Medical translators’ unutterable manias

Do you think that you know everything about translators? Even what they do when they are working at home and no one is seeing them? For better translating, medical translators have their own habits or manias while...

5 medical documents that your company may need
24 May
5 medical documents that your company may need

Are you running an international company? If so, you might ever thought about widening it. Those companies related to medicine or healthcare are constantly requiring a medical translation for certain documents. But which kind of documents are...

Resources that are a must for any medical translator
18 May
Resources that are a must for any medical translator

Translating is a multi-task job. Any translator must read up on much information, so resources are key for carrying on a good medical translation. In Okomeds, we previously wrote about this issue; but now we are widening...