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medical interpreting

04 Oct Sport team and medical interpreting

Sport is subject to a medical interpreting. We already wrote about that in another Okomeds article. But now, we want to focus on other aspects. If you manage a sport team, you should think about all the medical and the communication options. Here are some potential jobs and tasks related to interpreting that you may consider: they all are connected to sport and medical interpreting.


  • In a press conference, a good interpreter is highly required. He/she will communicate ideas among different languages. If you hire the services of an interpreter specialised in sports and health, you will also offer a more professional image. In case of an injury – and the pertinent official explanation to the media – this professional will better explain the scenario.
  • If the team hires a new foreign player, a medical interpreter will ease his/her integration. Why is better a medical interpreter rather than an interpreter not specialised in health? Because the player will receive some indications for warming-up exercises, sport techniques, physiotherapy… And it all is highly linked to human body and medicine, therefore to medical translation too.
  • For a good monitoring, nutrition is very important. So a medical interpreter will help a dietician or a nutritionist. This will mean more quality and it will have a positive effect on the sport performance. Therefore, it is supposed to offer better sport results too.
  • Is your sport club looking for new marketing options abroad? For example, a sport tour with different countries and sport events, or the sell of t-shirts… If you do so, you will have to travel to several countries for exploring different commercial issues. The first stages of such projects will always need an interpreter; and one specialised in medicine and health will become really useful in different scenarios.


No matter if you manage a small or a big team. In any case, an interpreter might boost your club. It will mean a better sport performance, a better communication, and a better marketing. That it is to say: better results, better image and better economy. So, what are you waiting for? If you do not know how to start, just contact Okomeds for asking further information about a medical interpreter.

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