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16 Jun The most useful resources for medical translation

As you know, there are many translation specialities, but medical translation is one of the specialities that require the highest degree of specialisation and dedication.

This specialisation is due to the fact that it requires a high degree of precision and has a highly specialised language, as it uses a terminology that is only employed by experts in the field.

For this reason, medical translators need a number of resources to help them in their work. We will look at some of these resources in this article.


The International Association of Medical and Healthcare Translators and Writers. Their website includes a huge amount of information on training, as well as a resources section.

  • Cercaterm: the online query service of the TERMCAT Terminology Centre. It allows you to view the Catalan terminology in any field and speciality.
  • InterTerm: a search engine of definitions and translation online.
  • Cosnautas: a website offering professional resources for medical translation and writing.
  • European Parliament Internet platform for external translators: an interesting range of support materials, including access to the institution’s main terminological and documentary sources, as well as other tools such as glossaries, regulatory newsletters, and terminology notes.

  • bUSCatermos: a resource provided by the University of Santiago de Compostela’s Linguistic Standardization Service, which can be used for free online.

Other resources


  • ACTA, Spanish – English – French glossaries: a compilation of healthcare terms and acronyms.
  • University of Navarre medical dictionary: a dictionary of medical terms. The website also provides healthcare news and advice.
  • AECC dictionary: a dictionary of medical terms and diseases.


  • CSIC, Biomedicine database: to search papers, journals, etc. in Spanish. CSIC also provides a directory of journals in the same field.
  • IATE, European Union database: very useful to find equivalences in the field in question.
  • IBECS, Latin American and Caribbean Centre for Healthcare Information: to search terms in papers and find about new developments in the medical and scientific fields. The search can be carried out in Spanish, English, and Portuguese to obtain more results.


  • Acces Medicine: compilation of news, papers, multimedia contents, etc. on medical topics.
  • Spanish Drug Agency: papers, documents, etc. on various medical topics.
  • ENFISPO: Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Podology library. A website providing papers on these healthcare areas.

After all these resources, we cannot forget Fernando A. Navarro’s Red Book. It is a must for any medical translator, which can now be viewed online through the following link

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