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05 Dec Health, Medicine and Medical translation services December NEWS by OKOMEDS


  • November has reminded ordinary people of some of the current fights of the Health and Pharmaceutical sectors celebrating International days such as:
  • International Day of Radiology (8 November) International Day of Spina Bifida (21 November) or Anti-Obesity Day (26 November).
  • The world population has also celebrated some World days as: World Day against Pneumonia (12 November), World Diabetes Day (14 November), World Day of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (15 November), World Prematurity Day (17 November).
  • And Europe commemorated on the 18th November the European Day for the prudent use of antibiotics.



  • A cause of colon cancer? A study at Harvard University suggests a certain type of bacteria that could be the cause of colon cancer. Medical translation services can help to spread out the word. According to the study, treatment of mice bearing colon cancer reduced tumour growth, Fusobacterium load and cancer cell proliferation. (Antibiotic metronidazole). [Medical Press].
  • Good news for cancer. Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine may make tumour cells more sensitive to cancer treatment. Results of 30 ongoing clinical studies will be bringing more light on the matter. [Medical Press].
  • New clinical trial evaluating AZD1775 in combination with chemotherapy and radiation in head and neck cancer patients. [Medical Press]. Clinical trials require medical translation services.
  • Study carried out in the US reveals improving tendency for one of the most lethal cancers (Lung Cancer). [MedlinePlus].
  • Nearly one-third of patients do not follow recommended breast cancer treatment. [MedlinePlus].
  • Palbociclib and Ribociclib approved to increase breast cancer survival in UK. [Semana].
  • Cancer survivors can develop post-traumatic stress disorder. [MedlinePlus].



  • Progress in HIV virus understanding is been made as regards immune mechanisms. Hope for a prevention vaccine? that contribute to its control and for new antiretroviral drugs and vaccines to be developed to treat and prevent HIV. [Medical Press].
  • UNAIDS Program report shows that new antiretroviral drugs and early diagnosis technology may contribute to the end of the disease by 2030. [ABC]. Medical translation services have a role to play too.



  • A new step against number one world ´s killing infection. Vaccine nearer?. Researchers from the University of Southampton have detected that certain lipids could trigger an immune response from certain types of TB cells. [Medical Press].



  • Can a high calorie diet correct the quick progression of the disease? It is an incognita raised by research from the University of Aberdeen. Medical translation services can facilitate further investigation. [Medical Press].



  • Cases continue to rise but kidney failure has decreased by one third in th US according to health officials. [MedlinePlus].
  • Increases risk of cardiovascular mortality in youngsters up to 8 times. [ABC Salud].
  • The 8th Atlas of Diabetes by the IDF shows that half of the affected population remains undiagnosed and the rate of affected people will increase by more than 10% up to 2045. Medical translation services can help to inform the population. [ABC Salud].
  • Research conducted by scientists at University Hospital Basel gives an insight into an inflammatory network that could contribute to the maintenance of insulin production in diabetics. [ScienceDaily].



  • Study in the University of Illinois reveals that Drug designers should focus on blocking two distinct ways rogue immune cells attack healthy neurons. [SienceDaily]





  • A new method of treating neuropathic pain?  Research from King’s College London reveals a more safe treatment in mice. [Medical Press].
  • Study finds that, regardless of fresh or frozen eggs used, transfer of a single embryo (compared to one of two or more) increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy and birth. (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) [MedlinePlus].
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. First results of human studies show that pimozide could stabilize the progression of the disease. [ABC Salud].
  • Dipsticks Tecnology combined with others facilitates the diagnostic process from sample collection to final result wherever it is performed. [ScienceDaily].
  • US National survey shows that shared decision-making between doctors and patients rose 14 percent between 2002 and 2014. [MedlinePlus].
  • Virtual reality games provide rehabilitation staff with a way to increase the amount of therapy provided for pain and the aftermath of trauma. [MedlinePlus].
  • According to The Annals of Thoracic Surgery Study, lungs from older donors are a viable option for lung transplants. [MedlinePlus].
  • Experiments with skin cells and other cells in mice showed that daytime wounds healed about twice as fast as night-time wounds. [MedlinePlus].
  • A Cleveland Clinic study shows that removing stage I melanoma by surgery should not be postponed. [MedlinePlus].


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