Medical records translation services, life expectancy and longevity


Medical records, translation services, life expectancy and longevity

11 Dec Medical records translation services, life expectancy and longevity

Since the beginning of times mankind has not only looked for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, but for a way to prevent aging. The desire for long life and the acquisition of wealth have indirectly been the stimulus to medical and physical investigation, eventually evolving the science of Medicine. At the same time, the need to expand medical knowledge among different countries and cultures highlights the importance of quality medical translation.

Perhaps the most important tools regarding Medicine and longevity are currently, antioxidant and hormone replacement therapies.

Although endocrine gland failure is inevitable, doctors help life expectancy and longevity recognizing and correcting endocrine failure. In this sense, laboratory tests to diagnose deficiencies have been of great support. But as patients grow older correcting might not be enough, and rejuvenating the endocrine glands by safe supplementation in order to maintain youthful levels of hormones, could be an option.

As there is a billion-dollar market related to overcoming age products, the role of a medical translator is also very important.

Longevity and life expectancy theories

There are different theories about longevity and life expectancy, but no matter which one you choose, its development will need medical research, clinical trials translation, drugs and pharma translations. Here are the main ones:

1.- There is a limit to the extent to which it is possible to prolong human life

According to this theory science is approaching the maximum human lifespan.

However, there are records of people that lived well over the centenary (“Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine”, by George M. Gould and others). Medical records translation services have made it possible to reach us. Among the cases enumerated in the Bible, Methuselah lived 900 years. How is this possible? Hensler proved that the year at the time of Abraham consisted of but three months and was extended progressively. If we consider that this conclusion is correct, Methuselah’s age would be about 200 years. In this sense, according to other historical records that age is not as surprising.  We are referring to what medical records translation services have collected among ancient civilizations, but also among the Greeks, the Romans (such as Emperor Vespasian records), the hermits and ecclesiastics and records in modern history.

The nearest to Methuselah has been, according to medical records translation services and our research, a man who died in the town of Teluca, in Veracruz, Mexico, at the age of 192 years old. And it is just one of the records in which a human life greatly exceeded the century.

2.- Treating ageing throughout the course of life

Did you know there are records of extraordinary longevity among people who lead a simple life?

3.- Gene therapy, stem-cell research and regenerative medicine

According to this theory, these will one-day lead to substantial gains in human longevity.

There is also a futuristic scenario that comprehends nanomedicine, tissue engineering and even reverse ageing.

Some factors that help longevity

But, what are the factors that contribute to the “Elixir of Life”?

Comparing doctors´ advices and historic records, we can find some common guidelines:

– The benefits of an actively cultivated brain in making a long life.

– Regular personal habits, sobriety, regular habits, exercise, calmness of mind, family life and labourr in the open air seem to be contributing factors to longevity. Among hermits and ecclesiastics, as would be the natural inference from their regular lives, many instances of longevity are recorded.

And two curiosities:

Although there are records of extraordinary longevity among people who lead a simple life, connected to nature, that is not the case among Rulers, Kings, Emperors or even Popes, from Egypt to Modernity, according to medical records translation services. The second group seems to have overbalanced lives.

According to records, there are cases in which an unexpected renovation of the senses or the body in old age occurred.

What reality reveals

There is a common sentiment, shared by a wide population, of fear of ageing and death. The solution seems to be to try to remain youthful and vigorous.

There is a demand for immediate treatment options that also require medicine translation.

Although there is no certainty on the realization of a great increase in human lifespan, the amount many individuals are willing to pay for small one-year increases is colossal.

To conclude the fact is that anti-ageing remedies, treatments or medicines has a current and foreseen blooming market in which pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, doctors and medical translators (including medical records translation services) have a great part to play to satisfy consumers demand. Quality and adequate information are essential.

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