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medical research news

All the latest news about medical research compiled by Okomeds. Medical Research Council Funds Phase 2 Multi-Center Study XBiotech announced that the Medical Research Council (MRC), part of UK Research and Innovation, has awarded funding to study bermekimab therapy in a Phase 2 multi-center study in advanced...

medical events
Medical events that you cannot miss

Each year, Okomeds, Medical Translators Services, offers businesses and public organisations a list of medical events, conferences & congress taking place soon all over the world. You can find here the medical events taking place this summer all over the world: United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong,...

medical books
Medical Books That You Can’t Miss!

We celebrate World Book Day by proposing two medical books written by doctors: “This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor,” by Adam Kay and “When Breath Becomes Air Book”, by Paul Kalanithi. Adam Kay's first book, “This is Going to Hurt, revisiting...

Winter medicine news and medical translation
Winter healthcare news and medical translation

As patients more and more want to be active participants in information exchange and decision-making processes concerning their health, and technology is rapidly advancing, integrating big achievements in other fileds to the healthcare sector, data collected via personal monitoring devices will be growing. It can be...

The present and the future of cancer patients care
The present and the future of cancer patients care

The number of researchers and resources devoted to oncological research and the possibility to use new technologies, make us feel optimistic for a future cure. Meanwhile, oncological care is experimenting notable changes. For example in Spain, Oncological Functional Units have been created in order to...

Bone metastases and medicine translation
Bone metastases and medicine translation

Some of the most highly regulated sectors are the pharmaceutical and medical ones. Therefore, quality requires an outstanding degree of specialization. This means that medical translators and interpreters must have a medicine background and should be backed by qualified pharmaceutical and medicine professionals around the...

Medical translator and single? Latest medical studies by Okomeds
Medical translator and single? Latest medical studies by Okomeds

Here are our March Medical News taking into account the most recent medical studies. 5 or 2 types of diabetes? Recent medical studies shows that diabetes pacients could be more accurately treated by dividing the desease in 5 clusters instead of 2. The reason concerns diabetes heterogeneity,...

Personalized lifestyle medicine translation
Personalized lifestyle medicine translation

It’s a fact that the current largest healthcare approach is a reactive one.   ¿Is personalized lifestyle medicine the new approach required to defeat non-communicable diseases?   Although sick care can be precise for severe diseases, several medical studies and their translations show that in today’s world, with an...

Healthcare and Medical interpretation news
Healthcare and Medical Interpretation Services January news by Okomeds

Here are some interesting and outstanding healthcare and medical interpretation services news. (Our main sources are: Medical news today, US today, Science daily, US News, BBC News, News Medical Life Sciences and Medlineplus).   DISCOVERIES   - Processed meats and breast cancer risk A new research (The European Journal of Cancer) provides some...