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07 Jan Twitter for medical translation

Internet and social networking are a very important world for medical translation. If you want to make the most of your work, you should navigate throughout the whole worldwide network to find out a universe of information. With respect to Twitter, here are some tips of how this social network can help you in the medical translation field. Benefit from this very useful resource, which can give you much more than you may think.

What can Twitter offer you?

Twitter is kind of a browser offering a whole universe. If you are still a learner, we will just say that this social network offers several benefits for discovering blogs, being aware of the latest healthcare and medical translation news, finding short tips just in 140 characters.


You will find several Twitter accounts related to medical translation or about medicine and healthcare. Which one should you use? It depends on your medical translation, but in Okomeds we can suggest some useful English resources for general and specific healthcare information such as @fxtrans or @medline. Some translators’ accounts can also be very useful. Follow them to be aware of their latest tweets.


Use up your mind and look for the most practical hastags: #TraducciónMédica, #MedicalTranslation, #Vaccinations, #Morbillo. It doesn’t matter the language and you can try as much as you want. Appeal your imagination and just focus on what you are aiming.

Top and latest news

Whatever you are looking for can be organised into two tweet categories: top and live. “Top” not only means the most important ones, but also includes the most relevant, shared and liked tweets. “Live” is for the latest published tweets, if you are aiming recent information you will easily find it in a timeline.


Photos and videos can also be very useful for your medical translation, so take a look to these two media areas.


For medical translation, this feature can be really interesting, specially if you follow several accounts as you can divide tweets. You can organise information into lists, so create as many as you want. E.g.: a list for healthcare news, one for French medical translation, other one for professional medical translators, another for vaccines… It would help you quickly see the tweets you are really looking for.

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