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22 Jul Tips for a medical translator or interpreter’s CV

If you are looking for a job as a medical translator or a medical interpreter, here are some useful tips that can help you in your job searching. The CV is very important and the way you present it can directly open or close some doors.

Get a job as a medical translator with these practical tips
  • Differentiate information, differentiate highlights. Clarify what you are and what you do. Are you a medical translator or a medical interpreter? This information – as some specialization or linguistic combinations – should be in a bigger font size as it will catch the attention of the employer.
  • You should do a previous research about the translation company for knowing what they are looking for and indicate in your CV the highlights they could be interested in. Here is where specialization areas and previous works in certain issues should be remarked. For example, for applying to a pharmaceutical you should indicate the leaflets you have translated, for applying to a translation company specialised in oncology you should focus on cancer treatments you have been working with, etc. It also shows that any CV must be personal and different.
  • How can you be different regarding other professionals? If you work with a rare linguistic combination, you are eager to work during weekends or unusually working hours or you even have a further knowledge about a certain medical area, it could be key for introducing yourself. Remember that you should obviously reflect it all in your fees, but that is something that would be discussed later with the company.
  • Pay attention to the extension. A huge CV will be boring to read, so try to simplify the contained information. For example, there is no need to write that you passed high school if you have already indicated that you have a master in medical translation. Also, avoid listing all courses, seminaries or conferences you have attended unless one of those could be really important for the company you are applying to. Besides, try to make it visually attractive.
  • Indicate your previous working experience and insert external links into your CV for proving that. Even if you have just finished university and have no experience, you can add some works or internships.



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