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28 Jul To do and not to do list for translating your quality web content

Any public or private business related to health – such as a medical agency, a pharmaceutical company, a health care centre, a nutrition clinic… should focus on a website for attracting more clients and improving its Internet reputation. But, it is not as easy as you may think, because there are many factors involved into such process: the most important one is the web content. A quality content is essential for your site.

To do and not to do with your web content

The key is to translate the web content of your site. If you do the right thing, with the correct person, with a periodical frequency and in the appropriate way, your health business will undoubtedly grow and expand. So, here is a to do and not to do list that you must take into account for your site content.



To do: you should request a human qualified translator to be in charge of your site content.

Not to do: do not use Google Translator or any other automatic translation machine, avoid them.



To do: a professional translator specialised in medicine and who perfectly knows the area should be in charge. A high background may be essential for choosing the right one.

Not to do: do not ask a friend who just speaks a little of such foreign language. There are more requirements as some SEO background; site content is key and is also part of the brand of your business.



To do: with care and attention. A proofread can be useful.

Not to do: do not go for the most economic option because cheap can be costly. Note that you get what you pay for, so think about quality.



To do: you should periodically create new web content. It depends on your business size, but at least try one weekly article. Concurrently, you should translate such content too.

Not to do: never forget about your web content. If you do not publish new articles, Google and other search engines will punish you on the Internet.



To do: you should do it all in order for your health business to have a good Internet presence and reputation.

Not to do: there is no excuse at all for not doing so with your web content. It all reflects quality and your business is at stake.



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