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11 Jan Healthcare and Medical Interpretation Services January news by Okomeds

Here are some interesting and outstanding healthcare and medical interpretation services news. (Our main sources are: Medical news today, US today, Science daily, US News, BBC News, News Medical Life Sciences and Medlineplus).




Processed meats and breast cancer risk

A new research (The European Journal of Cancer) provides some further evidence of the harms of processed meats, after linking consumption of these foods to increased risk of breast cancer. Specifically, there is a risk increased by more than a 1/5 for those who consumed more than 9 grams of processed meats per day.

However, no link between red meat intake and the risk of breast cancer was found.

Fluorescent proteins

Osaka University researchers have developed new fluorescent proteins (FPs) cloned from flower hat jellyfish. Highly qualified professionals for medical interpretation help us understand their importance. They do not lose fluorescence at a pH lower than their neutral pKa (~6), thus making their use in acidic organelles possible, medical interpreters say.

TB and Vitamin C

A new study conducted by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in mice, has proposed that the use of vitamin C together with tuberculosis drugs can produce a rapid eradication of the disease causing pathogens.

Melanoma treatment, researchers and medical interpretation

Researchers from the University of Chicago, confirm a previous test in mice, and conclude that higher levels of specific bacteria (such as Enterococcus faecium, Bifidobacterium longum, and Collinsella aerofaciens) in the gut, seemed to increase penetration of immune system T cells into the microenvironment of tumors and boost their ability to kill cancer cells. However, medical interpreters highlight, following researchers advice that anti-PD-1 immunotherapy doesn’t work for everyone.

Energy and diabetes. Medical interpretation of lipid overload in heart cells

A University of Iowa study has identified how Lipid overload in heart cells, a common feature in diabetes and obesity, alters mitochondrial shape and disrupts the cardiac mitochondrial network. Researchers believe the mechanism may contribute to the 2 to 5 fold increased risk of heart failure in people with diabetes.

Predicting Parkinson

Japanese researchers recently published their study in the journal, Neurology, in which they show, that Parkinson’s patients, even in a very early stage, according to medical interpreters, have about 1/3 of the levels of caffeine in their blood than healthy people, with similar intakes.

Brain cancer and medical interpretation news

A major new British study reveals that it is possible to get a therapeutic virus to target aggressive brain tumors by injecting it into the bloodstream. Therefore, there is no need to inject it directly into brain tissue, clarify medical interpreters. The naturally occurring virus was able to cross the blood-brain barrier in all who took part in the study.


Did you know that a new psychology research from the University of British Columbia has found that the scent of a romantic partner can help lower stress levels?




Scientists in Rome have unveiled the first bionic hand with a sense of touch that can be worn outside a laboratory.

There is a new type of skin patch developed by a team of researchers from Queen’s University, Belfast, that may be a possible answer to antibiotic resistance crisis, say medical interpreters.

New study testing a new tinnitus device shows that fusiform cell activity can be tamed using a combination of sounds (earphones) and mild electrical stimulation of the skin (electrodes).




– Demand of medical interpreters

The demand for trained human resources designed to bridge the communication gap by providing medical interpretation to those limited English speaking patients and families is growing, especially in the US. There’s also growing research on the effects of bad communication on patient safety.

In Canada, Public Services and Procurement Canada is preparing to launch a new procurement system for awarding contracts to freelance interpreters, not only based in the price. Data shows that 60 % of the Canada’s government’s spoken translation work, is carried out by freelancers.

Deaf patients, or deaf family members with decision power, struggle to get free-of-charge medical interpretation for sign language in emergencies.

– Hospitals’ Language Services

A study carried out in the US revealed that about 69 % of hospitals offered language services. But, hospitals serving areas with moderate needs provided proportionately more medical interpreters than facilities located in low or high need areas.




– Did you know that a new psychology research from the University of British Columbia has found that the scent of a romantic partner can help lower stress levels?

Did you know that scientists in Finland have shown that half an hour sauna bath reduces blood pressure and increases vascular compliance and heart rate, similarly to medium-intensity exercise?

Did you know that patients undergoing surgery in Africa are more than twice as likely to die following an operation, than the global average, according to researchers?

Did you know that a new recommendation from the American Academy of Neurology suggests that exercise is indeed helpful for people with mild cognitive impairment?

Did you know that, according to physicians and medical interpretation services, a recent very comprehensive study on air pollution and death rate shows that mortality rate increases almost linearly as air pollution increases?

– Did you know that there are currently 3 main techniques used in visualizing tissues in 3D? They are according to physicians and medical interpretation human resources, confocal microscopy (CM), multiphoton microscopy (MPM), and optical coherence tomography (OCT)).

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