Medical translator and single? Latest medical studies by Okomeds


Medical translator and single? Latest medical studies by Okomeds

07 Mar Medical translator and single? Latest medical studies by Okomeds

Here are our March Medical News taking into account the most recent medical studies.

5 or 2 types of diabetes?

Recent medical studies shows that diabetes pacients could be more accurately treated by dividing the desease in 5 clusters instead of 2. The reason concerns diabetes heterogeneity, which seems to go further beyond the fact of having or not diabetes-related autoantibodies in the blood. (And this, as a physician could explain and a medical translator communicate, is the basis of the division between type 1  and type 2 diabetes).

Diabetes is a group of chronic metabolic disorders that share the common feature of hyperglycemia. Although subject to review, the new medical studies distinguish 5 clusters, dividing type 2 into 4 clusters (younger age, severe insulin resistance, mild obesity-related and elderly individuals).

Closer to a cancer cure?

According to the WHO, nearly 16 % of deaths are due to cancer.

Nowadays medicine offers treatment alternatives to tumor surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Most of them consist on improving the immune system and beat cancer cells’ protective systems.

Medical studies go from therapeutic viruses, effective from brain cancer, to dendritic vaccines, with or without artificial receptors. And more treatments are available. Nanotechnology medical studies and its use for nanoparticles loaded with drugs to beat cancer  cells or nanoprobes to detect micrometastases, were recently nearly science fiction.

Even medical studies focused on starving tumors of their nutrients have become new treatments, according to researchers and medical translators. There are treatments consisting on blocking cancer cells’ access to glutamine, particular enzimes or Vitamin B2.

There have also been medical studies and advances in genetics and epigenetics related to cancer treatments.

However, the best solution in most cases is a combination of immunotherapy and chemotherapy, according to medical studies. Especially if a new developed substance that allows controlling both types of treatments is administered.

To end, despite the advances and medical studies, the fact is that we still cannot claim cancer can easily be eradicated, but new treatments increase patient’s possibilities vs cancer.


Closer to a cancer cure?


How Illness can affect a medical translator

Hand, eye or ear diseases were found to be some of the worst health problems for a medical translator, as he/she needs the affected organs to work. In case of freelance medical translators, medical studies show that it is likely that they continue to work, despite their health problems.

The essential role of a medical translator in the health sector

If assuring quality is important in any sector, it is in medical translation, where a bad word can be life threatening. Therefore, if you are a medical translator, your work shall include accurate translation of medical studies.

Pinched nerves and remedies

When a nerve is pressed or pinched by bone, tendons or ligaments, radiculopathy, pain can be sharp and some other effects such as weakness or loss of movement can be detected. Specially if the pinched nerve is located in the hip.

Causes according to medical studies, are several. and they vary from a bad sleeping or sitting posture to any kind of accident.

We are happy to inform you that treatment according to medical studies includes rest, anti-inflammatories, cold and heat pads and a lot of stretching (piriformis, glutes and full body).

Omega 3 and multiple sclerosis medical studies

Multiple sclerosis implies that myelin is wrongly attacked by the immune system. Causes are unclear, but although there is still no cure for it, researchers have found that a high intake of omega-3 might reduce the risk to develop MS. Omega-3 is neuroprotective.

Vitamin D and cardiovascular risk

A recent study has found that patients with cardiovascular problems, the number one death disease in most occidental countries, can reduce 33 % death probability by only maintaining healthy vitamin D levels. These are wonderful news, whether you are a medical translator or you are devoted to any other discipline.

Especially vitamin D-3 may help cardiovascular damage reversal (for example, in case of angina pectoris).

Sources of vitamin D are sunlight, eggs, salmon and tuna, and dietary supplements.

Does being single have any health benefits according to medical studies?

The answer is, yes. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Even for your health.

Here are some the health advantages of being single:

According to different medical studies, single people have more sense of self-determination and experience continued growth and development in their way through life. Solitude, can be a trigger to increase productivity and creativity.

Medical studies also show that being single tends to increase social connections and a circle of friends and family is always good for health. Single people also tend to exercise more and have better body mass index, which translates to better body shape.

So, if you enjoy keeping in touch with the latest medical studies, surely our medical news are for you.



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