Medical Translation Service and Parkinson healthcare


Medical Translation Service and Parkinson healthcare

15 Nov Medical Translation Service and Parkinson healthcare

Healthcare is continuously progressing. Life expectancy has also increased. In order to further help medical services, medical translation services are very helpful for patients who are not fluent in the official language. Medical translation services online can help in this sense, providing clear information about medicines, results, treatments or reports, of different diseases, such as Parkinson, for foreigners.


There is no known way to prevent Parkinson's disease, but there are different treatment options to reduce the symptoms


Patients affected by Parkinson’s disease

It is a movement disorder neurodegenerative disease. The second most frequent among degenerative diseases, just after Alzheimer, affecting over 5 million people. Only in Spain and, in Spain, the figure reaches 150,000 patients. It is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the nervous system in a chronic and progressive manner characterized by the loss of neurons in the substantia nigra, located in the middle part of the brain.

The loss causes a lack of dopamine in the body, a substance that transmits the necessary information to perform movement in a normal way. Thus the control of movement is altered, giving rise to typical motor symptoms such as tremor at rest or rigidity. James Parkinson was the medical professional who described it in the first place (1817).

Although it is very difficult to cope with this disease, the priority is to improve the patients’ quality of life through comprehensive health care that can be adapted to the needs of each patient, always depending on the progress of the disease. On the other hand, caring for a patient with Parkinson’s can be exhausting. Addressing so many details can lead to physical and mental fatigue of your caregiver that is inevitable to occur. Therefore, it is recommended to distribute the care and accompaniment among several people: family members, friends and healthcare team.


Parkinson symptoms and therapies


Advantage of medical translation services for patients and family in stressed condition

Nowadays, hospitals and other healthcare institutions, especially the ones located in places where important foreign colonies live, are working with medical translation services to translate patient’s document and records. However, what happens in stressful conditions? Here, we are not only talking about crisis in which a lifesaving procedure might be necessary, but also in those situations when caregivers do not know how to proceed with patients, like dealing with Parkinson disease.

Medical translation online services can ensure that the patients and/or their caretakers get the medical documents or any other information translated into their respective languages. In this sense, medical report translation and website translation services will clearly improvement communication between hospitals or healthcare institutions, doctor, caregivers, patients and their families. In this post we are talking about a disease in communication.

It is important to take into account that Parkinson is currently an incurable disease, so treatment and healthcare is needed for life for each patient, although in different degrees. However, once individual symptoms are identified, a proper course of treatment and according healthcare and translation services can make the patients and caretakers life much easier and fulfilling.

Guarantying access to the medical translation services when needed, measures can be taken when symptoms appear and the number of crisis is reduced. The degree of understanding of instructions and treatments will increase and even valuable time can be saved in the process. Patients, families and caregivers can get therefore any medical documents or medical information translated into their respective languages.

Parkinson symptoms and therapies

Although there is no known way to prevent Parkinson’s disease, there are different treatment options that can reduce the symptoms, as surgery or drug therapy. The most important step a patient can take with Parkinson is to seek help. Taking action early will enable the patient to better understand and deal with the disease.many effects of your condition.

Some Parkinson symptoms are tremors, muscle rigidity, loss of balance, changes in walking, posture, speech and handwriting, a drop in blood pressure when standing (orthostatic hypotension) and gradual loss of spontaneous activity (bradykinesia):

Patients affected by Parkinson’s disease

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