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10 Sep 6 false myths about feeding

Do you feed yourself in a healthy way? There have been thousands of myths related to feeding and health that have been forged all over generations; some of them have been denied but others still remain among society. In Okomeds we are breaking myths related to feeding.

Eat healthy, eat right

Bread gets you fat

Bread is a food rich in carbohydrates and the base of the Mediterranean diet. Bread, eaten with moderation, is healthy and what gets you fat is to accompany it with caloric foods as butter, sauces or cold meats.

Frozen food is less nutritive than a fresh product

A freezer keeps intact the nutritional qualities of food; so, for example, there is no nutritional difference between a frozen and a fresh fish. Just note that nutritional experts recommend not to frozen food for months or years, but you can keep your food into the freezer for several weeks without worrying about your feeding.

Light products help you losing weight

Light products have calories, less than other products but they also have. So, we could better say that this kind of products only help you not to gain weight. They may help in some diets but a right feeding should not abuse of them.

Do not eat fruit as a dessert

It is said that eating fruit at the end of your meal has an influence on the caloric intake. This is completely false as the order of things does not alter the product. Nevertheless, there is an advantage in eating food at the beginning of the meal, as you get satisfied early due to the water and fibre content. Anyway, a health feeding always implies to eat 3-5 daily pieces of fruit; take them whenever you want.

Preservative are carcinogenic

Preservatives give an extra security to food and feeding. They pose no risk for your health, just make that the product can be eaten within a longer period of time.

Drinking water while eating makes you fatter

Water nutrients provide no energy nor burn calories. So it is completely false that drinking water makes you fatter (nor before, nor during, nor after having your meal). Besides, it is recommended for slimming diets because of the feeling of fullness and its hydration effect.


How to avoid chopping between meals?

It is difficult to avoid the temptation to snack between meals. Therefore, we want to provide you with a some tips to follow a balanced diet and avoiding to peck more than necessary. When you go to a doctor or nutritionist most stores usually indicate the need to eat five times a day. In this way we are not very hungry for the next shot, which in general predicts the peaks of hunger and the need to snack between meals.
The way to distribute the meals, in this case, in addition to lunch and dinner, at the usual times, is usually to divide the breakfast into two meals, and include a snack between lunch and dinner. Normally, in these 3 meals people do not eat as much, as in the other two, lunch and dinner, but they have the advantage of maintaining blood glucose levels. In addition, it is advisable to drink a lot of liquid during the day, mainly water. This habit, in addition to cleaning the body, is good to reduce the feeling of hunger.

At breakfast, lunch and snacks, it is recommended to eat fruit. Besides being rich in nutrients and fiber, it is an antidote against other more addictive choices. Otras tendencias son el establecimiento de bots de IA para conversaciones repetitivas con los clientes, en Facebook se han creado 100.000 en menos de un año. Y como recomendación final la reulización del contenido generado por los usuarios en el marketing de la empresa.


Going shopping or out


It is important to always go shopping after eating, without hunger and with a detailed shopping list prepared to avoid buying things that we have not previously decided or that do not suit us. The diet must be varied, containing all kinds of proteins, such as fish meat, eggs, milk and vegetable proteins; as well as horticultural products, vegetables …
It is advisable to reduce the bakery products, you can include some type of snack or satiating cake.

Sometimes, it is necessary to think if we really are hungry, or just sleepy or tired.
It is also convenient to stop and think what kind of hunger we have. Is it a physical hunger or emotional? The latter does not end by eating. When eating out, or spending most of the day out, it is convenient to plan every detail of the meal. And do not forget to give yourself rewards from time to time.


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