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09 Aug The ideal medical translator’s CV

Are you a medical translator desperately looking for a job? If you are a professional – either with or without experience – you can find new medical translation projects. The key is how focusing your CV and attracting potential employers. Here, in Okomeds, we are listing some tips for helping you get a job. This is what you should and what you shouldn’t do.

If you want to work as a medical translator, you should…

  • Investigate about the company or translation agency. And better accompany your medical translator CV with a personal cover letter including the name of the Human Resources head.

  • Catch the attention of the employer. How? This is tricky, but walking in his/her shoes may help. If you were the employer, what would you like to get?

  • Be different. Remark your highlights on your CV and show them in a very particular way. Different colours, font sizes and font types may help you get a work as a medical translator.

  • Be direct. Just explain the key ideas. If the employers like your profile, further information would be asked in a potential and future interview.

  • Write about all relevant information that may complement your work. e.g. your computing or design and laying out skills, or even a voluntary work related to healthcare. But such additional information must always be short

What you should and shouldn't do for getting a medical translator job
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If you want to work as a medical translator, you shouldn’t…

  • Consider that all translation agencies or medical companies are identical. Each one is different, so address to any them in a personal way.

  • Be as anyone else. Standard information presented in a normal way would not differentiate you from any other candidate. Why would a company hire you instead of any other worker?

  • Use a template for your CV, unless the company asked for it.

  • Write too much information. Those CVs having an extension of 3 pages and more than 1,000 words seem really bored to be read.

  • Write about money. If the company likes your profile, you will later be asked about rates. Besides, not being the first talking about money, might benefit you for better negotiating rates.

If you sell yourself correctly, you will increase your job opportunities. If you are a professional medical translator, you can do it!

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