Medical translators' unutterable manias

05 Jun Medical translators’ unutterable manias

Do you think that you know everything about translators? Even what they do when they are working at home and no one is seeing them? For better translating, medical translators have their own habits or manias while working. Medical translators get used to do certain things for better concentrating. This is one of the less known part about this job. The vast majority of medical translators are freelance and – many of them – work from an office in their home. So they feel free.


Any professional has his/her own habits – as any individual is different too. But here is a list including some of the most common manias that medical translators acknowledge to have; and which allow them to carry out a perfect job. This is the other face of medical translators:

Owls, screams of happiness, chocolate, pyjamas... the other side of medical translators working at home
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  • Working clothes. No, people working from home do not wear suits. Tracksuit, sportswear or pyjamas are in the top 3. The most elegant ones will wear jeans.
  • Working place. Do you think that all medical translators work in a table and well sat on an ergonomic chair? It would be probably the best for their backs and shoulders, but many of them like to work lying down on the sofa, and even with a warm blanket.
  • Food & drink. Coffee, tea and coke are some of the most common drinks among medical translators while working. And they often eat peanuts, chips, chocolate, and biscuits.
  • Gestures. They may touch their ears or scratch their nose.
  • Concentration. Some medical translators can only work in a dead silence; others love listening to music or to the radio at any time. But certain, prefer to share the ambiance depending on their activity: for example, translating with music and reviewing in complete silence.
  • Relaxation. Medical translators may look out the windows for clearing their mind. A bit of yoga during a break helps too.
  • Inspiration time. What is the best time for translating? Some medical translators prefer to wake up early and take advantage of the daylight. Others, instead, love working at night, like owls, as the silence and quietness reign.
  • Proofreading. How do medical translators proofread? They might read the whole text aloud, print the translations and read it while walking around the room, only consider a proofreading with a cigarette…
  • Last word. Last, but not least, the last word of a translation is one of the most satisfying moments for a medical translator. What do they do right after finishing it? This funny moment can be followed by a ridiculous dance, a scream of happiness or a trip to the freezer for eating an ice cream.


But, the most important is that these manias allow medical translators to do a perfect job. Concentration is a curious world in each individual. And that is the key. So… are you a freelance who works at home and who has some any other mania that would like to share with Okomeds?

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