5 medical documents that your company may need

24 May 5 medical documents that your company may need

Are you running an international company? If so, you might ever thought about widening it. Those companies related to medicine or healthcare are constantly requiring a medical translation for certain documents. But which kind of documents are the most subject to be translated? Here is a list including some of the most important ones (but not the only ones).


Medical Trials

These documents are observations, studies or experiments that are carried out in clinic researches. They aim to test how new medical approaches work in people. They can be related to drugs, devices or procedures. Besides, medical trials are essential for science and health; so the need of a pertinent medical translation is always present.

5 medical documents highly required by a company
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Drug labels

Drug labels must be accurate due to their importance in medicines. They quickly describe and identify the drug, which means safety in case of a problem. When commercialising with drugs in other countries, drug labels must be translated too. And, as several drugs are sold worldwide, translations are often needed.


Patient information leaflets

A PIL – Patient Information Leaflet – is a document that all commercialised medicines should have. It contains specific information about such drug, as doses, medical conditions or side effects. Drug companies or pharmaceuticals need this kind of documents, as law requires the presence of a medical translation – when selling abroad.



Have you ever got vaccinated? There are several kinds of inoculations, so everything is subject to be translated. Medical translations can be applied to an inoculation test, but also to its composition. Additionally, vaccination campaigns are constantly carried out: infant vaccination, touristic vaccination, seasonal vaccination… So the corresponding campaigns and their advertising can be translated too – either internationally or in a country/region having more than one official language.


Food processes

Food is a serious issue. Safety first, so everything must be carefully analysed. Production, commercialization, transportation and intake must follow some ISO standards, national and international regulations, animal protection rules, consumer safety essentials… The role played by food companies – or even a regulation institution as a Health Department – require the assistance of a medical translation as it is key for safety, quality and law.


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