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19 Jun 6 scenarios that will only happen with a bad medical translator

In translation you get what you pay for. You aim and want quality? So hire the services of a professional medical translator – the future of your company will be grateful. If not, if you prefer to contract a bad medical translator for paying less money, or even use the Google Translator services for business purposes… All we can say is: good luck, you will need it!


Okomeds really thinks that the figure of a professional medical translation is something that must be reinforced. Otherwise, it will affect on quality. But there are more facts reinforcing the need of a professional medical translator – instead of a cheap but worthless option. Here are some possible scenarios:

Pharmaceutical industry dilemma: earning more money or saving more lives?
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  • Google Translator is not your friend. It makes thousands of translation mistakes, you can read some of them right here. Translation is a very complex process and the presence of a human is highly required for taking some translation decisions that, nowadays, a machine is not able to do right yet.
  • Professionalism will impact on quality. And such quality will impact on a business growth. Your potential clients would like a professional service. If they found several mistakes on important medical texts, they would not trust you anymore. So, better invest a bit more on quality and benefits will come soon.
  • Your company may have a high price to pay. You may save costs at the beginning, but if you trust a non-professional medical translator or interpreter for taking important issues… you risk too much. Cheap can be costly. And an US medical centre can confirm this: in the 80s, someone who speak a little of Spanish, but was not interpreter at all, misunderstood some information from a patient. Such mistake resulted in quadriplegia and the hospital had to pay $71 millions for liquidated damages after a trial.
  • Deadlines are key, a non-professional translator may accept your project but will not meet the deadline as he/she bite off more than he/she could chew. But professional medical translator is always compromised with deadlines. So, times are key and always respected.
  • Translation is an essential step too. For example: you might run a pharmaceutical company and invested a huge amount on money for the best scientists, experts, technology, advertising… So, will you miss the opportunity to have a professional medical translator too? He/she will keep up the highest level. If you underestimate his/her task and trust a cheap and bad translator for saving some money, you would throw away all the gains you have had so far made. Is that what you really want?
  • Little details are key, and a qualified medical translator only focus on them. If your business or company aims quality, that will never be reached with a non-professional medical translator. In other words: attention to detail, professionalism and quality are only reached if you pay a professional medical translator.


So, if you want to hire a medical translator for getting quality and professionalism, but also avoid any of the problems listed above, just contact Okomeds.

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