04 Nov Medical sworn translation for nurses

Are you a nurse? Are you looking for a job abroad? If so, you will probably require a sworn translation of certain documents. Start looking for your professional future! Working in private medical centres, starting an internship, entering a labour exchange, becoming a member of a foreign nursing association… If you have any of these purposes to become real abroad, you will previously need to translate some documents as the following ones:

What should a nurse do for job opportunities abroad? A sworn translation is the first step

University degree

This is the most important document you will need to prove your academic training; so, a sworn translation of your university degree will be required in many cases.


Academic transcript

Some internships are only available for the best students; so your academic transcript will evaluate your academic performance. If you have excellent qualifications, use this an ace up the sleeve.


Work life

How long have you been working? This document issued by hospitals or your pertinent Labour Minister will prove your professional experience. And, as any other document you may present abroad, it requires a sworn translation.


Recommendation letters

When applying for a new job, a recommendation letter is always a plus. So, if you ask an important representative of your University or medical centre for a recommendation letter, you better pair it with a sworn translator for certifying the veracity of its content.


Criminal Record Certificate

This is one of the most demanded documents for nurses and any other medical workers, especially when applying for jobs at medical centres. Why? When dealing both with children and humans lives, a high responsibility is at stake. And for hospitals and healthcare centres to be 100% sure that potential employees have no criminal records, they request this certificate issued by the Police of the pertinent country.



Your national ID -or even passport- is subject to a sworn translation. This document confirms your real identity, which is essential for labour and administrative purposes.


And remember that you can ask Okomeds for the pertinent sworn translation of these or any other document.

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