Benefits of social media in medical translation


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11 Sep Benefits of social media in medical translation

Social media is key in medical translation – but also for any professional of whatever sector. Social media is kind of a showcase for offering services and attracting more clients. It has become an essential for any job in the current era that we are currently living in. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus… no matter which one(s) you prefer, they all can benefit your career; either you are a particular freelance medical translator or represent a medical translation agency or company. Here are some advantages:

The importance of social media for a medical translator
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  • You will reach a bigger potential range of clients. Especially if you encourage your followers to participate by commenting and sharing posts and images. Why? Because your posts related to medical translation will be visible for your followers’ friends too. Besides, a good interaction will make you their first option for any potential translation.
  • You will offer a more professional image. But, for such customer facing, you have to take care of your social media. That is to say: publishing posts or images periodically, answering the private and the public messages… If you do this in a quick and effective way, your medical translation business will boost, as the Internet users will have a better perception of you.
  • You will better focus on what your clients need. If you analyse the impact of your publications with the amount of interactions, shares, likes – or whatever equivalent depending on the social media you are using – you will know what your potential clients like the most. By taking into account their needs, you will know how to deal with them.
  • You will better understand the market. By observing similar profiles used in medical translation, you will know how to deal with such issue and introduce yourself on the Internet. Knowing the competence makes you stronger.
  • You will squeeze your career. Social media also use advertisement, so you can benefit from these tools. By investing some money, economic benefits can be increased. But carefully think how to do it.


Just note that this task is not something easy to deal with. It is not as simple as you might think. So if you are not the right person to manage your social media profiles, better do not do it… unless you are eager to ruin your medical translation career. Do it correctly, or hire a professional, and advantages will come soon.


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