10 strange human medical facts and medical translation


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23 Sep 10 strange human medical facts and medical translation

Medicine and health hide thousands of strange facts. So medical translation has to pay careful attention to them. Here is a list including 10 striking facts closely linked to humans.


  1. You may not associate new-borns with dentitions. But one out of 1,000 babies are born with a tooth.
  2. According to different studies – all of them subject to a medical translation – low cholesterol levels are associated with violence. Besides, they are linked to higher rates of suicide and aggressive behaviours too.
  3. Not all fingernails grow at the same pace. Those corresponding to the longest fingers grow faster. That is to say, your middle finger nail has the longest one, but nobody knows why.
  4. Our heart beats around 100,000 times a day. But the most striking fact is that heart attacks occur more often on Monday. The probability of suffering from it on Monday is a 20% higher than on any other day of the week. The reason? The stress of re-entry work after a weekend can be closely related.
  5. We see an upside down world. Retina perceives objects upside down, nevertheless the brain automatically corrects such image for seeing objects sided up.
  6. You may not get surprised when hearing that human beings share 98.4% of our DNA with a chimp. But what about if we say that humans also share 70% of our genetic code with a slug?
  7. Mucus is really important for a human body. If we had no mucus at all in our stomach, this organ would digest itself.
  8. There are many differences between men and women that science does not understand yet. Several analysis, with their corresponding medical translation, show that men have larger-diameter coronary arteries and burn fat quicker. On the other hand, women blink twice and have a sharpener sense of smell.
  9. Do you know what is the part of your body containing more sweat glands and more pressure sensitive nerve endings per square centimetre? Many people get surprised when hearing that that they are the soles of your feet.
  10. You can die sooner for lack of sleep rather than starvation.
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