Which certifications may be required for a medical translator?


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25 Nov Which certifications may be required for a medical translator?

Certifications are essential for any medical translator. They are not critical, but help a lot. Universities, associations, seminars, lectures… anything can help you build a better professional profile. Any complementation becomes a plus for improving your professional skills, increasing your job opportunities and boosting your career. But, what are the most important certifications that a medical translator should focus on?


Sworn translator

Administrations all over the world may offer this certification, which becomes really useful for a medical translator. Sworn translators can translate and certify different documents closely related to healthcare and/or medicine. Such as the work life of a nurse who worked in a foreign country, a medical document of a patient travelling abroad, and so on…

How to boost your career as a medical translator?

Translation association

Becoming a member of a translation association is much more professional and allows the medical translator to be aware of the latest news related to such field. You can find several national and international associations for translators – in general – and also for certain areas as medical translators – in particular. Besides, potential clients will be more confident with your work, especially when it is the first time that they contact you.


Specialisation area

No matter what you specialise in, but a specialisation is key for any medical translator. Go beyond your University degree. A master is recommended, but – if you have not enough time or money for it – any little course or certification will be a plus too. Do a research for choosing the specialisation qualifications you aim for highlighting your medical translator profile.


Presence and acknowledge

Researching is key, especially if you help other translators and become a reference for them. You can try getting some certifications as a doctorate in medical translation; but this is not mandatory for being acknowledged. You can also become a reference with a visible face by writing an outstanding blog about medical translation or by answering different doubts that other translators might ask in a translation mailing list. Your name will be acknowledged and you will be called – in both cases – to appear in different lectures, conferences and seminars about medical translation that will concurrently increase your reputation.


Whatever you choose, you must constantly improve your professional profile and skills for becoming a better medical translator.

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