Translating services spurring medical discoveries, February news by Okomeds


Translating services spurring medical discoveries, February news by Okomeds

08 Feb Translating services spurring medical discoveries, February news by Okomeds

Here are Okomeds’ February news. Enjoy!

1.- Diabetes mellitus type 2 and sleep problems

There is a link between diabetes, blood glucose levels and good sleep habits. When you sleep well it is easier for the pancreas to establish the proper insulin levels in blood.

The number of hours of sleep is linked to the so-called sleep cycle, which can be divided into parts. What matters for this subject is, according to medical and translating services, that the most repairing phases are the third and the fourth. Therefore, when we have constant sleep interruptions, it is possible that these phases are not be reached, which means greater energy consumption.

In addition, in these third and fourth phases, also known respectively as the stage of transition to deep sleep and the Delta stage, there are a series of changes of metabolic and hormonal type, which help to restore body balance. In particular the insulin, because the metabolism of glucose decreases, the body needs less energy. The brain needs less glucose and the lower activity correlates to a lower secretion of corticosteroids, which also contributes to the body’s autoregulation of insulin levels.

2.- Diabetes Type 2 and mouth deep cleaning

A new study highlights the importance of oral hygiene, as it might affect blood glucose levels, too. It is known that type 2 diabetes concerns a process known as insulin resistance. On the other hand, there is also a link between this type of diabetes and periodontitis or gum disease.

Translating the new study, means to become aware that deep cleaning, meaning that plaque and tartar are removed from above and below the gum, benefits the blood glucose levels.

3.- Between 10 and 15 % of people in western countries feel really tired all the time

Although there are many reasons that can be responsible for the lack of energy, as lack of sleep, poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and medical conditions –doctors and translating staff explain-. The former has found to be one of the main causes. An adult needs to sleep between 7 and 8 hours per day. Other ways we start to feel more and more tired. And this has more important consequences that one might think as about 25 % percent of drivers recognize to fall asleep at the wheel per month.

4.- Reducing to a half the number of sitting hours can improve your health and help you reduce weight

Six hours of daily standing burns 54 calories

5.- Can an injection dissolve cancer tumors?

Recent discovery shows it can in mice. The good news, according to the translating team, is that the injection content consists of two substances, one of which is used in humans and the other is already under clinical trials for lymphoma treatment.


Did you know that sleeping 6 or less hours per day can affect your health?


6.- Another recent study links migraine with risk of heart attack, stroke, and other forms of cardiovascular disease

Although we consider migraine as a recurring severe headache that affects one or both sides of the head, it is really a debilitating condition.

The study takes into account a great number of patient records for over 20 years.

Nevertheless, the increment of risk compared to the control group is not very high in any of the cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, no cause effect connection has been discovered. The conclusion results from the data managed.

7.- Then, how to improve circulation?

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, by doing some exercise as jogging or avoiding just sitting still for long periods of time, may help to improve circulation.

Poor circulation may also be a symptom of other health conditions -translating services point out-, such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, heart or arteries or veins conditions.

8.- The power of NAD+

It is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, found in every cell, which has been proven to restore mitochondria in mice muscles, has possibilities as an anti-aging molecule and is very effective to treat drug addicts.

It plays a wide range of critical functions. Therefore it is easy to understand its effect both in health and aging.

9.- Translating Medical Science effectively, requires from translators to understand Commercialization

This affirmation highlights the gap between a promising idea in an academic publication and an idea that’s been successfully implemented at scale.

10.- Reasons for translating your veterinary clinic site

Translating a veterinary clinic website will open many doors to success, from co-official to foreign languages, it will not only widen the range of potential clients, but to improve the clinics reputation.

11.- Benefits of translating your medical software

It eases communication among your workers, clients and external companies and working with the mother tongue is much more effective.

(Our main sources are: Medical news today, US today, Science daily, US News, BBC News, News Medical Life Sciences, Okomeds and Medlineplus).

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