Medical translator’s role in online medical services


Medical translator’s role in online medical services

06 Sep Medical translator’s role in online medical services

Healthcare translation services need to keep up with healthcare trends, new medical devices and healthcare technologies. In this scenario, online medical services facilitate contacts between doctors and patients, being easier to find time to meet appointments, as transport is not needed and appointments can be followed through any device.

The possibility of 24/7 medical information through online medical services

Having access to medical information 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, wherever the patient’s location, with just a click or a phone call can be a great advantage in case urgent information is required,  when traveling is not posible,  or just to demand a second opinion. Nowadays, many healthcare patients and consumers have access to medical information through technology before visiting a healthcare professional. Sometimes this information is part of the online medical services, through FAQs or other online content.


When people are in need of medical services or medical translation services, they want them as quickly as possible.


Of course, people look for healthcare services and technology in their native tongues, so medical translation can also play an important role in online medical services, both on web content and on online or phone call consultations. This type of services is not only oriented to emergency consultations, but, as we mentioned, it can be applied to any query that may arise in day to day life, including symptoms, vaccines, interpretation of analytical results and consultation about medicines, among others.

Online medical services can also be related to any member of the family, from the smallest to the oldest. Extreme and sudden conditions can benefit of this services, when patient cannot access on-time healthcare installations. They can also benefit travelers, especially when they are abroad, and avoid frights, when the condition does not justify them.

Quick online medical services: apps, platforms, Saas

When people are in need of medical services or medical translation services, they want them as quickly as possible.  In this sense there is a proliferation of apps, platforms ans SaaS medical services, that also mean a greater demand of medical translation and interpretation services. Online Medical services can also consist on receiving information by email, phone or video conference, at any time of the day, requesting a doctor’s call you… This can be even applied in case of accidents.

Online medical services can clarify pacients any doubts they have about their illness or their treatment, even if they consulted previously with a physical doctor, to avoid further visits that can be attended online or on the phone. Digital medical devices, nowadays can help monitoring glaucoma, glucose levels and other conditions. This means that doctors can have accurate information about the patient without physical presence.



With the growth of healthcare technology, medical device companies and healthcare app designers need medical translation services in order to reach as many people as possible. And markets keep expanding and becoming global. Acquiring up-to-date information on the public or private healthcare system, as well as the most appropriate actions to take in case of health problems can also be object of medical consultation and medical translation.

Getting the right medical tips or a doctor’s advice

Getting the right tips for diets, colds or other frequent health related matters seem to be more appropriate online or on the phone. This is also the case of obtaining additional information about medical prescriptions, their effects, and their posology, including possible side effects or medicines and the convenience of suspending treatment in case of allergies or other possible effects.

Get direct advice from a doctor, or information about the different treatment possibilities, in relation to a specific ailment already been diagnosed is another situation that could be better handled through online medical services. Medical software localization will also be increasingly important as online medical services grow.

In short, this type of service gives pacients and their families peace of mind and security, being especially appreciated for pediatritians or elder people consultations. It is also very interesting for people who live alone. Anyway, this new tendencies and developments make healthcare services quicker, more flexible and they save time. New medical technologies change how patients consult with doctors and healthcare professionals. Shifting population demographics also open opportunities for medical translators.

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