Medical translation specialties you should know about


25 Oct Medical translation specialties you should know about

Translation is to medicine what medicine is to a patient: essential. Nowadays, many hospitals, medical centres and research centres entrust their work to professional translators. Did you know that there are also several specialties in medical translation? Read on and find out more about them!

Medical translation is a branch of scientific-technical translation characterised by very specific communication needs arising from the medical field. It is a very broad specialty within science and technology, but it has a number of particular features that set it apart from other types of translation.

What are the specialisations of medical translation?

Medical translation has a wide variety of its own genres, given the diversity of communicative situations that can be translated in this field of knowledge. On the one hand, we can highlight texts that are exclusive to this field, such as patient information leaflets, drug leaflets, clinical trial protocols, informed consent forms, clinical guidelines, patient summaries or medical records.

We also find other genres that also appear in other specialty fields, such as original articles, manuals, dictionaries, informative articles, patents or textbooks and manuals. These communicative situations and textual genres converge in a wide variety of medical translation sectors, i.e. the pharmaceutical sector, the publishing sector, the public health and healthcare sector, the institutional sector and, finally, the translation company sector.

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