3 reasons why a CRO would need medical translations


medical translations for CROs

13 Oct 3 reasons why a CRO would need medical translations

Health is not to be trifled with, and neither is research. The world of medical translation is much broader than you might think. Medical translation agencies like Okomeds do not only focus on pharmaceutical translation or veterinary translation. They also have an important role in translation for CROs. We explain why below.

What is a CRO

CRO is the acronym for Contract Research Organization. CROs are companies that provide clinical trial management services to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers.

Managing a clinical trial is no simple task. Many players are involved in this process. Some of the main ones are the manufacturers, sponsors and ethics committees. Not to mention the competent authorities, medical centres and foundations.

A CRO must always follow Good Clinical Practice standards. It must also follow the Harmonization Guidelines that ensure the quality of the study.

Translation is essential for CROs

The work of CROs is fundamental. Being able to count on a partner in whom to entrust the management of the study is essential. In this case, the CRO acts as a bridge between the sponsor, who hires the services, and the rest of the actors involved in the clinical study.

In this sense, translation for CROs is just as important. It is normal for researchers to spend hours and hours on a scientific article. When this happens, the goal is to publicise the article to the rest of the world. That is why a specialized medical translator should be used for the translation. These professionals will be able to effectively convey the content of the article.

In addition, when clinical trials are conducted, communication between doctors and patients is paramount. Patient-oriented materials should be translated to match their reading levels and culture.

Finally, using a medical translation agency for CRO translation ensures the quality of the work performed. A professional translation agency has quality control procedures in place to ensure a thorough translation process executed by linguists who are experts in the field.


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