Medical translation in summertime


medical translation in summer camps

14 Jul Medical translation in summertime

Summer is coming, and medical translation also takes an important role during summertime. Don’t you think so? It is said that during this time of the year, companies stop many of their projects due to the holidays of their workers – nevertheless, in Okomeds we strongly believe that translators can also find many employment options related to medical translation. The key is knowing how to search for them. Here are some useful job opportunities for medical translators and interpreters during this time of the year.


Medical tourism

Medical tourism is – undoubtedly – a huge business that moves enormous amounts of money. And also medical translation takes its slice of the cake. From medical interpreters standing by patients and doctors to medical translators being in charge of some health certificates. And summertime is a growing season for this business.



When patients are travelling abroad (both for business or leisure) they might face a problem: entering their legal medicines across the border and the customs. Why? It is simple; they can be misinterpreted, even with a medical certificate which is not written in the official language of the entering country. But with a pertinent sworn and medical translation of such document, there will be no problem at all.

Summer jobs for medical translators
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As people tend to travel more during summer, tourists also ask for more insurances. But how can that be related to medical translation? The need of medical translators for certain documentation or the required presence of medical interpreters in potential trials can be key for solving some legal issues among the parties.



Animals are related to medicine, so to medical translation too. When people are enjoying their holidays abroad with their pets, they all face a potential scenario: the need of searching for a veterinary clinic. In that case the veterinary clinic may help the foreigners with a previous translation of its website or by offering them an interpreting service which eases communication.


So, if you are a medical translator looking for job opportunities during these months, do not miss these options. You can find some translation projects for summertime and, if you work properly well, maybe for the rest of the year too.


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