How can language affect the pharmaceutical business?


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16 Jun How can language affect the pharmaceutical business?

All businesses understand the importance of using precise language and accurate document translations. Nevertheless, in the pharmaceutical industry a translation error can not only delay and complicate research and production, it can actually prove harmful to patients or subjects.

Potential investors are likely to be incredibly wary about investing in pharmaceuticals or medical companies with poorly translated documentation, due to fears about the safety of administering the drug or device to patients. Therefore, it is essentialfor any instruction documents or labels to be carefully translated, proofread, edited and reviewed by native speakers to ensure that they are entirely clear and concise and therefore minimise risk.

Translated pharmaceutical documents

An experienced medical translator can accurately translate even the most complex medical or pharmaceutical terms. However, they must also have a strong understanding of region-specific jargon, regulations and laws.

The pharmaceutical business requires the translation of clinical trial documents for new drugs, regulatory documents and pharmaceutical labels. For that reason,medical translators must be qualified in the relevant area and have experience in translating similar documents. This will mean that they follow the industry guidelines and standards that regulatory bodies and potential clients require.

Patents should also be translated with great care, as inaccuracies here could result in a product being improperly protected. The pharmaceutical and medical industries are particularly competitive all over the worldand it is crucial for them to be able to protect their intellectual property through effective patent prosecution and thisinvolves accurate and precise translations of life science patents.

Business can place their confidence in medical companies such as Okomeds. By investing in high quality translations, you are not only protecting the professional image of your brand and your reputation, but also your products, your clients and most importantly the patients. Contact us for further information!

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