Medical documents you may need to translate


medical documents

22 May Medical documents you may need to translate

A medical translation is a type of scientific-technical translation. This type of translation is one of the most in demand and relates to various field of knowledge, such as mathematics, physics, engineering and computer translations.

Each text must be written in a different way, depending on the format, and adjusted to reflect the style of the original author. Within this field there are specific requirements for health, dental, pharmaceutical and veterinary translations.

When might you need a medical translation?

All health-related areas require high quality medical translations with certified proofreading that carefully translate the text and ensure that it remains safe to use. A medical translator must have a fully updated lexicon of health terms for documents in their specialist language.

The person responsible for translating medical content must take great care with the text. They need to maintain the linguistic register of the document, which can relate to countless specialist areas.

When taking a long trip or requesting a visa for another country, you may need reports to support your application. When applying for a visa for temporary residence, you may need to provide a translation of your medical certificate showing that you are in good health.

When emigrating, you will need to translate your medical documentation to prevent problems in your new country. The clinical report includes your medical record, along with any medical examinations or tests you have had. This will certify the state of your health. Going with this tucked under your arm could save you a few headaches.

If you need to work with scientific-technical translations such as medical translations, please do not hesitate to contact Okomeds. We have a technical team specialised in many areas of translation and interpretation, with years of experience in the translation and interpretation of medical texts. Whatever the text and its complexity, our team are up to the job.

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