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20 May Funny Google Translate mistakes related to medicine

Google Translate is not the solution as a translation machine can never be as useful and precise as a human translator. Why? Because Google Translate confuses false friends, badly understands double senses, misleads words… So, the final result is often worst than you have ever imagined. You can not trust a translation machine for your projects as you will have many linguistic mistakes; and you can neither assume the accuracy of Google Translate.

Funny mistakes of Google Translate

To reinforce this idea of not trusting Google Translate, here are some funny mistakes related to healthcare or medicine. This kind of mistakes can be better seen with a back translation, so we have written some short sentences in Google Translate, translated them into another language (Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese…), and finally translated them back into English for a better understanding and finding the mistake. This is what some Google translated sentences mean in a different language:

Your husband had a heart attack – Your husband’s heart was attacked

Your mother needs to be ventilated – Your mother needs to be aired

Nurses assist patients in the hospital – Nurses support patients in the hospital

He was healthy – He was sane

Your wife is stable – Your wife can not fall over

Recipe for disaster – Prescription for disaster

The doctor told the patient that he had a cold – The doctor told the patient that he was constipated

After all, the nurse was embarrassed – After all, the nurse was pregnant

The list goes on and you can add other bad translations you have found. These funny examples that represent a total change in meaning clearly show that Google Translate is not the solution, specially for texts related to medicine or healthcare because digital tools get loose. Cheap can be costly, so if you need a quality translation aiming to avoid such Google Translate mistakes, you better ask Okomeds.


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