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15 Apr Different interpreting services for boasting conferences

If you are organising a conference, you should firstly focus on the target people. Who is attending the conference? That is the main idea you must consider for offering a linguistic service to everyone – both speakers and attendants.

International lecturers may speak the main language of the conference (English, Spanish, French, German…whatever) or they may not… Or they do but prefer to use their mother tongue. So, in all those cases, the conference organiser have to ease communication with the rest of the people and interpreting is the key. There are different kinds of interpreting services and the following are the most common ones:

  • Simultaneous interpreting: the speaker talks and the interpreter transmits the message at the same time.
  • Continuous interpreting: the speaker talks, stops and the interpreter transmits the message.
  • Bilateral interpreting: there are 2 people talking (it is a kind of conversation – for example among a speaker and one attendant asking questions). In that scenario, firstly one of them speaks, the interpreter transmits the message to the other part, and then the other part speaks back. And so on..
Which interpreting services can your company offer in a conference?

Which one is the most suitable for your conference? It depends on what you are aiming to offer, on the technical equipment of the room, on your budget, etc.

Note that – apart from the speaker – you should also focus on the attendants. Will everyone understand the message? If not, some people may require an interpreting service. So, which kind of interpreting service will you offer?

And, if you are aiming higher quality, bring some additional services, such an one-to-one interpreter who will accompany the speaker or the attendant for a certain period of time. Perhaps only for the conference time, but maybe during a longer stay depending on the requirements and any extra offered assistance (such as accompaniment from the hotel to the conference room, dinner after the conference…).

So, boost your company easing communication and offering any kind of interpreting service for your conferences. If you do it right, you will be highlighted within the market.

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