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17 Mar Curious news about medical translation

Okomeds is really conscious about medicine and medical translation, so here are some curious and recent news you must know. And you might even be surprised!


  1. Early detection of autism

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which is usually detected at the age of 2. But, can it be earlier diagnosed? Now – thanks to new researches – it can. Scientists have found that brain scans in babies allow precise autism forecasts. An earlier diagnosis before develop its symptoms is a huge advance for science. Prevention is not possible yet, but it means the first step.


  1. First fluorescent frog found

It has just been discovered the first fluorescent frog. This frog has been found in South America, it is like a polka-dot tree frog, but it reacts to UV light by turning into a bright green. This phenomenon is uncommon on land animals, but happens sometimes in those living in deep sea ecosystems. The veterinary and medical translation will pay careful attention to fluorescence.

Did you know that you took your first language lesson in the womb?
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  1. Language learning starts in the womb

Learning a new language is something to be proud of. But when do humans start learning a new language? New researches show that we take the first lesson in the womb. Babies can hear sounds in the utero, as nearby noises and human voices are amplified by the body and received by the fetus. This step is really useful for the future development of the baby, as he/she starts identifying and associating different sounds. Fetus starts translating – or kind of – before the birthday.


  1. Transgenic corn against cancer

An agricultural advance can be also applied to medicine, therefore to medical translation too. A transgenic corn plant that produces small RNA molecules can be used for food security purposes. But how? Said molecules prevent fungi from toxic substances highly related to deadly diseases as liver cancer. Besides, these toxic substances – which can be found on kernels – are related to other illness as malaria. In this link you will find further information about said important research.


All these news are really interesting for medicine. We – Okomeds – will follow very closely this advances and researches, as they all are subject to a medical translation.

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