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31 Oct Choose the right medical translators for your company

Are you looking for the best medical translators and you do not know how to start searching? If you are running a health-related company, you would have probably ever thought about an expansion. A medical centre, a pharmaceutical company, a clinic, a laboratory… They all daily work with several types of medical documents. So, an international plan is needed. But, what is the best way for achieving such growth? A good program is key, and the presence of quality medical translators and medical interpreters is essential. Here are some tips for choosing the best medical translators.


  • A translation agency, as Okomeds, is a really good option for starting searching. This kind of business chooses the best professional ones and always takes care of quality.
  • Take a look to the pricing. You will probably find a wide range of fees. The cheapest one – if differs a lot from the others – might be suspicious.
  • It is better to assign the whole project to one – maximum two medical translators – if it is huge. Coherence gives more quality.
  • You may choose the best medical translators, but a proofread is highly recommended for avoiding any potential mistake. Four eyes see better than two. So you will assure quality and a great professional image.
  • Always select medical translators with a specialisation in the corresponding field. Health and medicine are huge areas. In other words, translating an oncology text is very different from translating – for example – a document related to teeth or a Patient Information Leaflet.
  • Coordination and communication are essential. So, do not bother contact or be contacted by the medical translators. They might have a doubt – which is better to solve – or even detect a linguistic mistake in the original text – which needs to be corrected.
  • Experience is a good point, but do not miss new medical translators, as they might have the same potential. Anyway, you can ask for a paid and quick translation test for double-checking their knowledge and skills.


So, if you are looking for an international business expansion, consider the option of translating different texts into different languages. And that is where medical translators come into play. You can get the best ones by contacting Okomeds.

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