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04 Dec 5 great resources for a medical translator

If you are a medical translator, pay careful attention to this article because it suggests some useful resources for your daily work. When translating, what online references do you normally resort to? Here is a list including some dictionaries and glossaries that can be found on the Internet and maybe very handy when translating medical documents.


This database includes a huge number of scientific articles from relevant international journals. You have the option of making advanced searches and creating alerts. A medical translator must be aware of the latest news and have a full knowledge of this field, so this resource puts all this information at your fingertips.


This is the US National Library of Medicine; so figure out all you can find in here! Due to the variety of topics, any medical translator considers this great resource essential for obtaining further information before, during and after translating.


If you are looking for the latest research news, this is your ideal site. You can find a better clarification on terminology when translating and consult updated information if you are in charge of a new drug, patent, disease, etc. Check ScienceDaily, specially when you have been assigned a medical project related to recent items.


LILACS is a huge index of scientific and technical literature of Latin America and the Caribbean. This resource is very useful for any Portuguese, Spanish or English medical translator, as there you can find references into different languages.


This dictionary is essential for any medical translator. It offers very practical and intuitive searching options: acronyms, abbreviations, clinical trials, definitions, patent translations… Additionally, this complete resource is divided into different categories for dictionaries and news.

Okomeds would be very grateful if you share with other professionals your experience as a medical translator. So, feel free to indicate other practical resources you use in your daily work.

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