What is the role of English language in Medicine?



19 Nov What is the role of English language in Medicine?

To be a great doctor, you need to be an exceptional communicator who can convey complex messages clearly to your patients and colleagues. Thus, it is essential for doctors to be extraordinarily adept at languages, especially English. But the problem appears when the doctor doesn’t have enough knowledge of English. That’s why medical translation is important.

English is the most commonly used language across all races, ethnicities and cultures. Typically, hospitals and clinics use a number of languages in their communication with patients. Hence, it is critical for medical professionals to be proficient in their use of English. After all, in the medical field, even the smallest miscommunication can be potentially devastating. With lives at stake, words need to have pinpoint precision. Doctors need to be silver-tongued and empathetic individuals so that they can give patients a comprehensive understanding of their medical situations.

English as lingua franca

English is also undoubtedly the current lingua franca of the world. It is the language most commonly spoken and written across the globeand that is also true for the online internet world. By being proficient in English, medical professionals can connect and collaborate with practitioners and researchers globally, give presentations at international conferences and even practice elsewhere in the world.

Additionally, most of the world’s medical and scientific literature, such as journal articles, is written in the English language. Mastery of English is, therefore, critical for healthcare professionals to decipher the byzantine scientific text and keep abreast of the latest medical news and advances.

For that reason, doctors and nurses should know the English language. However, if they aren’t fluent in that language, to maintain its medical reputation a hospital needs to contact a medical translation company that can help it by providing high-quality medical translations. These could be for instructions, package inserts, reports and so on.

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