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30 Oct The wide range of possibilities for a medical translator

What can be translated in health and medicine? To be honest, there are hundreds of possibilities for a medical translator. This wide range in health offers many different options and specialization areas. Okomeds, a professional medical translation agency, is aware of this scenario and here lists some of these options that you should carefully read if you work (or would like to work) as a medical translator.

Medical translation

This universe of specialisation may force the medical translator to choose just one – or maximum a few – field: patient information leaflets, health essays, medical history records… So don’t bite off more than you can chew. Each type of document is quite different regarding the others, but they all offer many options for the medical translator after specialisation. Back translation is a branch of medical translation, as it can be applied to several fields such as the drug industry.

Medical transcription

What can medical transcription be applied to? Educational videos, medical conferences, translation projects… Those are just a few examples, but variety is huge. However, they all share one feature: at any case every transcriber must previously be a medical translator with a wide vocabulary and understanding of what he/she is working on. Otherwise, transcription will show many mistakes.

Medical interpreting

If you have interpreting skills, you will find a huge world of possibilities for your career. Do you love the personal human contact or do you prefer something different? For example, you may attend health and medical conferences for helping participants to understand all the information, or even be present at hospitals and health care centres for being the link between doctors and patients.

If you are a medical translator, you may look for different specialization areas. Choose the one you like the most, and note that specialisation is a key factor for boosting your career.

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