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29 Jun The best of medical translation

This is a special article as it is the 100th post written at the Okomeds blog. If you have read many of the previous publications, we will like to ask you a short question: what have you learnt about medicine, health and translations? And we also have a special gift for you. Here is a brief summary of all our posts divided into our blog categories and including some of the most curious and practical Okomeds articles.


Clinical research

Drugs, diseases… but also curiosities and different data. A lot of information can be related to clinical research and applied in a useful way. So, this category groups the best of clinical research, which may be applied to medicine and also to translation.

Pharmaceutical industry dilemma: earning more money or saving more lives?
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Medical translation

What can a medical translator do? Here are some professional ways for getting new jobs, new possibilities, different types of medical documents and so on. This useful information can be key and boost your professional development. If you are stuck at a job, just take a look to this category and discover new potential scenarios for your career.


Practical tips

As a medical translator, you should be interested in this Okomeds category. It includes tips for students of translation and interpreting, but also for professionals of this sector with years of experience. Tips, advices, suggestions… no matter how you name it; it is never too late for keep on learning.



Knowledge does not take up any space. But you can find such knowledge all around different resources – especially on the Internet. For example, in blogs or in social media. So, use this guide for discovering new sources of wisdom than you might apply to your work as a medical translator.


Text features

As a medical translator, have you ever thought about the thousands of possibilities of words? For example, double sense words offer a different perspective of linguistics.


In those 100 articles, we have posted interviews, tips, news, SEO advices, resources, curiosities, document typologies… and whatever we considered appropriate for medical translation. Have we missed anything? Just let us know what you liked the most or what you would like to read about. We are keeping on posting in the Okomeds thanks to you. So, a hundred of thanks.


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