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medical translation

23 Nov Medical translation from day to day

Did you know that medical translation is more present in your daily life than you ever imagined? In Okomeds we have enumerated some common examples for making medical translation evident.

Daily examples reinforcing the need of medical translation
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  • If you hear your alarm clock early in the morning, that is because you have a good audition. Medical translation can be closely related to ears. You may not need hearing aids, but you have – surely – ever suffered from an otitis or any other ear problem. How did your doctor treat your ear infection? A pertinent medical translation played its role for him/her to be educated.
  • Nowadays, many people work with a computer. So eye diseases have increased in the last years. Different treatments and preventions have been spread all over the globe for the sake of your eyes. Researching is key, but also medical translation is.
  • Happy? Just smile. Hungry? Just eat. Talkative? Just say what you want. In any case, your teeth will be essential. So you would love them to be healthy, but note the importance of a previous medical translation in a worldwide research.
  • How often do you go to the pharmacy for buying some drugs? And how often do you take medicaments? They all have required a highly process, not only for commercialising drugs in the country of origin, but also for selling them abroad. And one of said requirements, which also plays a really important role, is medical translation. Without it, drugs would not be allowed to be exported, neither to be sold abroad. All – from labels to patient information leaflets – is needed along such process.
  • We all sleep, but some of us many suffer from a sleeping disorder. Insomnia, breathing disorder, or circadian rhythm sleep disorder are some of the most common ones. Medicine, science and researching are working together for treating such diseases. And cooperation among different languages is required.


These are just a few examples of how medical translation is present in the daily life of any human. But medical translation can also be really useful in the day to day of animals. To sum up, this kind of translation is important because it plays its role, even we do not realise.

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