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17 Mar Happy pets with Okomeds

Pets – and animals in general – can be proud of the veterinary translation service offered by Okomeds. The veterinary medicine has experienced a considerable growth in recent years and, at the same time, veterinary translation has required a great progress for such specialisation area. But, what kind of services are related to veterinary translation?


Take care of animals as they would do it for you


Veterinary reports, labelling, animal welfare and pet transport projects, case report forms…


Veterinary translation is a challenging discipline. Not only due to its specific abbreviations and terminology, which considerably differ from medical translation, but also due to the fact –pointed out by recent studies- that traditionally veterinarians are expected to advise clients. However this type of communication aiming to change the client’s behavior reduces client’s sense of emotional connection, which is very relevant for client engagement with the advice.

Most people treat their pets like their kids or family members. If the vet builds up an attachment to the family, too, things are smoother.

Therefore, veterinary reports and other documents that can need translation must face both a technical and emotionally connecting message, to get better results in the client’s decision making process.


Animal nutrition products’ veterinary translation


Animals will express their gratitude for any document associated to their health or feeding. For example, have you ever thought about livestock and agri-food products? Animals need their own food and an adequate nutrition is as vital for them as it could also be for any human being.

From poultry and it’s worlds growing demand to ruminants, including cows, beef, sheep and goats. Not forgetting the fast growers, swine. If you are buying or selling any kind of animal food or nutrients abroad, you may require a veterinary translation for some documents such as special certificates.

This can also apply for the fast growing global aquaculture segment that fills the gap between the increasing demand for fish and seafood in the oceans, and their available stock and balance. Fish do also need feed ingredients that may come from other countries.


Animal health programs’ veterinary translation


But also health programs are essential for ensuring their safety. This type of programs are carried out to identify hazards related to animal care and animal use. Their aim is to assess the risks associated with those hazards, and therefore, manage or eliminate the associated risks.

Veterinary centres have lots of documents related to drugs, including drug safety communications, medical procedures and tests for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.

Note that health programs, drug communications, veterinary procedures and the diagnosis or treatment of animal diseases, are all subject to veterinary translation for easing communication.


Marketing animal care and veterinary products and their translation


There is an amazing lot of animal health and care and veterinary information that needs to be translated to the languages of the local markets. From the largest animal health companies, their products development and marketing, to research and development veterinary documentation; Global marketing campaigns for veterinary products and veterinary website translation. And furthermore, all this information must be relevant and precise.

Don’t forget the Patient Information Leaflet translation or the Summary of Product Characteristics translation.


Animal health policies and their translation


But, apart from helping your animals or pets, you may also look for your personal interests. For example, have you ever considered animal health policies? These are very important documents for farmers and companies working with animals, as the latest might suffer an accident at any time. So, if something wrong happens to them, economical losses will be minimized. Additionally, financial reports or risk analysis may be taken into account, and a veterinary translation may play an important role for increasing your profits.

To sum up, firstly aim the safety of your animals – good health and right feeding are essential issues for such purpose –, but also take into consideration your monetary interests. In many of those scenarios, it will only be targeted thanks to a veterinary translation.



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