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Benefits of translating medications prospect
Medical translation and medical interpretation are key elements of academic, scientific and medical research.When you have a headache, you probably take some tablets to get rid of the pain. If you do take tablets, you will no doubt have read a medication package insert from time to time to make sure you are taking the medicine properly. In this case, the role of the medical translator is very important.
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Challenges of medical translations
The success or failure of a medical translation always depends on how exact and accurate the terminology employed is, given the context, as well as the level of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter exhibited by the linguist and their awareness of what should or should not be translated.
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A cure for the common cold after Stanford-UCSF study finds key protein

Temporarily disabling a single protein inside our cells might be able to protect us from the common cold and other viral diseases, according to a study led by researchers at Stanford University and University of California-San Francisco.  The findings were made in human cell cultures and in mice. “Our grandmas...

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All the latest news about Healthcare from around the world: Homeless people are denied basic health care, research finds A study led by the University of Birmingham has painted a shaming picture of neglect and discrimination shown towards the homeless when accessing UK health services. Researchers interviewed...

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All the latest news about medical research compiled by Okomeds. Medical Research Council Funds Phase 2 Multi-Center Study XBiotech announced that the Medical Research Council (MRC), part of UK Research and Innovation, has awarded funding to study bermekimab therapy in a Phase 2 multi-center study in advanced...

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Medical events that you cannot miss

Each year, Okomeds, Medical Translators Services, offers businesses and public organisations a list of medical events, conferences & congress taking place soon all over the world. You can find here the medical events taking place this summer all over the world: United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong,...

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Healthcare news #1

  All the latest news about Healthcare from around the world: Using Data to Provide Better Health Care to New York’s Homeless New York City Health + Hospitals, which serves more than one million people a year, is now sing data science to identify and “phenotype” homeless patients...

millennials healthcare system
Millennials change the healthcare system

Millennials (ages 21–32) will change the healthcare system by expecting continuous improvement. Advances in technology, demographic shifts and consumer trends will affect the healthcare landscape in the future. As patients behave more like consumers, they seek to use their digital skills and experiences as they interact with...

Winter medicine news and medical translation
Winter healthcare news and medical translation

As patients more and more want to be active participants in information exchange and decision-making processes concerning their health, and technology is rapidly advancing, integrating big achievements in other fileds to the healthcare sector, data collected via personal monitoring devices will be growing. It can be...

The present and the future of cancer patients care
The present and the future of cancer patients care

The number of researchers and resources devoted to oncological research and the possibility to use new technologies, make us feel optimistic for a future cure. Meanwhile, oncological care is experimenting notable changes. For example in Spain, Oncological Functional Units have been created in order to...