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Homeless people are denied basic health care, research finds

A study led by the University of Birmingham has painted a shaming picture of neglect and discrimination shown towards the homeless when accessing UK health services. Researchers interviewed 22 homeless people aged over 18 at three Midland homeless shelters in order to gauge their experience of accessing NHS services following anecdotal reports that the homeless were being denied access and faced negative experiences. Read more here


Health insurers must get creative with benefits to fill critical vacancies

In the healthcare labor market, there is a shortage of talented staff and a critical need to fill data, analytics and other administrative positions outside the roles of physicians and nurses. The nation is operating under an overall low unemployment rate of about 3.7%, while the rate for hospitals stands at 1.6 percent and for health insurers, 1.7 percent, according to the Semi-Annual U.S. Insurance Outlook Study conducted by The Jacobson Group. Read more here


When done right, the internet can be a useful alternative to seeing a doctor

Everyone occasionally experiences new symptoms that can’t be readily explained or ignored. In most cases, people seek initial medical guidance from the one source they consider authoritative, available, trustworthy and non-judgemental. Read more here


Innovative heart procedure unveiled to prevent strokes in young people

An innovative new heart procedure to prevent strokes in younger people has been unveiled as part of the NHS Long Term Plan which tackles ‘hole in the heart’. The condition – known as Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) – is a common condition which can trigger strokes. Read more here


How AI is revolutionising healthcare: 10 use cases of artificial intelligence in healthcare
The growth of artificial intelligence is evidential. Although we might see it, AI is truly changing our lives directly or indirectly, starting from its application in voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistance, and Alexa to large scale applications in the supply chain, retail, manufacturing, enterprise mobility, autonomous cars, and more. Read more here

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